XpoNorth 2020 Digital Edition Announced

Laura Marling has sold-out the first ‘geo-blocked’ online concert

Laura Marling has sold-out the first ‘geo-blocked’ online concert. The artist sold 1,500 tickets exclusively for fans in the US.

Interactive classroom and online learning!

The game-based edutainment platform bringing interactive classroom and online learning through any film and video.

Coronavirus comment: Culture is central to who we are – now more than ever we must work to protect it

As we seek to find a "new normal" during this challenging time, creativity is playing a huge part in getting us through.

Creativity in finding new ways of living and working, and allowing us to keep in touch with family and friends, albeit in compliance with the physical distancing guidelines.

The Heritage Funding Directory

Managed by The Heritage Alliance and the Architectural Heritage Fund, the Heritage Funding Directory is a free, easy-to-use guide to financial and other support for anyone undertaking UK related heritage projects.

Standard Legal templates for easier know-how

Developing new ideas and bringing them to market can be a complicated business and there is much to consider, especially in the early stages.

Museums and Social Distancing: A Planning Toolkit

With museums in China and Germany reopening, and many others around the world planning their next move, we have taken a moment to think about the initial steps to remobilise the museum sector.

Connected Education: Reflections on an online journey

The massive changes and challenges of responses to COVID-19 are facing millions of individuals, businesses and organisations, but, unlike most, the University of the Highlands and Islands has a long history of adapting to the culture-change that is required for online design

IQ Focus: The Venue's Venue... Building Back

IQ’s third Focus session invites leading venue professionals to discuss strategies for weathering the storm, what the key learnings have been so far, and what emerging from life under lockdown might look like.

Sustainable Fashion Glossary

Today, the fashion world is almost unrecognizable to decades prior. We are grappling with how to be part of the solution, moving towards an industry that values and respects our planet and communities.

How to create more valid User Personas

Before starting any design or development project, it’s crucial to know and define precisely who the service is being designed for. User Personas are a great way of documenting your key audiences, their needs, context, frustrations and motivations for using your product or service.

Heritage Alliance update

The current coronavirus outbreak is understandably causing concern amongst our membership and the sector more widely. We are doing everything we can to advocate on behalf of the sector at this challenging time, including through regular meetings and communications with DCMS.

Government releases £150m from dormant assets to support charity coronavirus response

The Government is unlocking £150 million from dormant bank and building society accounts to support those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

EICC unveils new strategy for events - fusing online and onsite

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) has launched a “hybrid virtual model” to deliver client conferences as the venue plans for a phased return of business events later this year.

Interesting data on life in lockdown

Online shopping has outstripped all other forms of spending over the past month, with more than half of European shoppers (57 per cent) saying they are shopping online more than ever and record numbers signing up to virtual experiences like home fitness classes, TV and film subscriptions and online learning during lockdown.

Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee

Impact of COVID-19 on Scotland's cultural sector: The Committee will take evidence from: Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture, Jonathan Pryce, Director for Culture, Tourism and Major Events, and Simon Cuthbert-Kerr, Head of Creative Industries, Screen and Media, Scottish Government.

Heritage Emergency Fund

We are providing a package of support for the heritage sector as a response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

This includes increased advice and support, longer-term skills and capacity building initiatives, and a £50 million Heritage Emergency Fund to provide emergency funding for those most in need.

Future Fund launches today

The government’s £500 million Future Fund opens for applications today (Wednesday 20 May) with innovative and high-growth British businesses able to secure investment to help them through the Coronavirus outbreak.

Committee created to support Scotland’s £1bn-a-year events programme

A committee has been created to ensure a safe return to Scotland’s “world-class” event programme – which it said boosts the nation’s economy by £1.1 billion a year.

Jobs round up!

Looking for a job? Check out the list of job opportunities here...

Tourism – Supporting our vibrant events industry

The events sector plays a vital role in our visitor economy. It not only provides great entertainment and draws audiences and performers to our shores, it also has positive impacts for our hotels, restaurants and businesses which the audience and performers visit.

BBC Annual Plan

This Annual Plan is being published in extraordinary circumstances. Everything about our lives has changed. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the tragic death worldwide of hundreds of thousands, serious illness for millions and an almost unimaginable and sudden change in almost every aspect of everyday life for most people. It has had a huge impact on many businesses, economies and families.

New Realities – Performing Arts

Bonnar Keenlyside enters the conversation about the new realities for the performing arts, with our reflections and some practical suggestions for operating in business as unusual. We look at the background context, the assumptions we should be making and offer some advice for how we might plan a way forward.

Banishing the Backlog workshop

Join us for facilitated training on creating an inventory of collection in accordance with Spectrum 5.0, and ultimately ‘banishing the backlog’.

Friday 22nd May | 10:30

Bannan - BBC Alba

All 33 episodes of Bannan to be broadcast on BBC Alba from 25th May

Music Cities Community

We are a community of people in every profession and sector using music to create more value in towns and cities all over the world. We're committed to learning, sharing and networking to ensure that every city is a music city.

Webinar: Making Decisions and Leading Through Crisis

Webinar: Making Decisions and Leading Through Crisis

22nd May | 11am

In partnership with HES and the Social Enterprise Academy SAVA will be running the following webinar looking at Making Decisions and Leading Through Crisis.

Can Amazon Save Luxury Fashion?

For retail in America, the current prospect is dim. New data released by the Department of Commerce on Friday showed a staggering, record-breaking drop of 16.4 percent in April. But for clothing-and-accessories stores in particular, the details are even bleaker. The two-month decline for them stands at just over 89 percent.

Game Audio Glossaries: Part 1- Game dev disciplines and their relationship with Audio.

Speaking the game development 'language'

Ashton Mills - Audio Designer at Jagex gives advice to those who are interested in getting into game audio and starting up and moving forward.

"I believe that language is at the core of everything we do in life, and so much of learning, whether it's a new skill or a craft we've been honing for many years, is speaking the ‘language’ of that subject."

XpoNorth Podcast #004 - Harriet Smart

Harriet Smart is both an author and co-founder, with her husband, of a software company called Anthemion. As a writer Harriet is known for her historical fiction notably the Northminster Series.

UK fashion brands: Discover digital wholesale platform JOOR

UKFT continues to look for opportunities to help UK fashion brands reach key customers and buyers. Join us to find out more about digital wholesale platform JOOR.

Wednesday 20th May | 3pm

Connected to Culture

A digital toolkit built to help organisations continue their cultural programmes online.

Museums: Sharing the stories we are passionate about - Mummy Stories

How do we share stories from the museum, encourage wider discussion and build up our audience? Dr Angela Stienne shares the fascinating background to Mummy Stories, the first and largest participatory project of its kind.

Two Projects Are Filming Again. Here’s How They’re Doing It.

In Iceland, a Netflix series relied on testing and color-coded armbands. In Australia, the entire cast and crew of a Stephen King adaptation quarantined together.

The fashion show, as we know it, is over

With digital alternatives cropping up and designers rethinking priorities, fashion shows aren’t expected to return to a pre-Covid-19 form.

How Art Galleries and Museums Are Bringing Their Collections to Virtual Audiences

It’s strange to picture an art museum empty. To think of the Metropolitan Museum of Art without its joyous hubbub, or the Frick Collection without its respectful hush, is to think, in practical terms, of an enormous liability.

Museums Immersive Network Inaugural Webinar

Join the official launch of the Immersive Museums Network. This webinar will include talks from international Immersive and Museum experts.

Wed, 24 June 2020 | 10:00 – 13:00 BST

Tune into Tourism: Road to Recovery

The first episode in our new ‘Tune into Tourism: Road to Recovery’ podcast series is available to listen to NOW!

Our regular Tune into Tourism host, Julia Sutherland, is joined by travel journalist Simon Calder, and Chris Greenwood, VisitScotland’s Senior Tourism Insight Manager, as they share their knowledge and dissect the latest news and trends within the tourism industry this week.

The Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund will reopen for applications

The enterprise agencies are pleased to confirm that the Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund will reopen for new applications from mid-morning on Thursday, 14 May.

Scotland Translation Fund now open!

Scotland Translation Fund: Round 1 of applications for 2020/2021 now open.

This fund is administered by Publishing Scotland on behalf of Creative Scotland. The purpose of the fund is to support publishers based outside the United Kingdom with the payment of translation fees to translate Scottish writers. Funding will be offered in the form of a grant and it is for translation costs only.

Deadline for Venice Bienalle cinema extended to 31st May

The aim of the Festival is to raise awareness and promote international cinema in all its forms as art, entertainment and as an industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue. In addition to the sections mentioned in the following paragraphs, the Festival also organises retrospectives and tributes to major figures as a contribution towards a better understanding of the history of cinema.

From Book to Screen: 9 Essential Steps to Skilful Adaptations

From Book to Screen: 9 Essential Keys to Adaptation

Stories that have made the journey from book to screen have always been popular. But it feels more than ever they make for a increasingly popular sub genre. They even have their own category on Netflix.

Lessons for Screen writers from Shakespeare

OPINION: Lessons from Shakespeare For Screenwriters

An odd trend in cinema surfaced in the 1990s and continued into the 2000s. A spate of teen films relocated the plots of William Shakespeare plays to high schools.

UKFT Trade Issues Update

Negotiations between the UK and the EU have continued despite the current situation. The third round of meetings has just taken place with a further set expected in June. The meetings have been constructive but have yet to start to explore detailed issues. It is very likely that there will be a high level political meeting in late June to unlock the next round of discussions.

The Scottish Tourism Index

􏰛􏰕􏰆􏰜􏰝􏰅􏰄􏰃The Scottish Tourism Index - Monitoring the Views of Scots about Holidays and Leisure during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we reach the end of the seventh full week of lockdown in Scotland following the strict measures taken by the Scottish Government on social distancing, holidays and breaks may seem a long way off. They are certainly not an option we can take at the moment.

Meeting Visitor Needs: What Will Make People Feel Safe by Age & Income (DATA)

What will make people feel safe visiting again varies by age and income. Here’s what it means for your engagement strategy.

Want to engage new audiences – check the data

Exposed by COVID-19: Three Cracks in Cultural Entity Operations to Repair for Reopening.

TechExpert – series of useful videos explaining different technologies

In this week’s Tech Expert, BAFTA Immersive Advisory Group chair Sol Rogers looks at virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and beyond.

How streaming re-wrote the rules for cinema

Coronavirus has seen cinemas across the globe shut down, while streaming services are gaining more eyeballs than ever. In a follow-up to our Streaming vs Cinema article, Patrick von Sychowski looks at how streaming has affected the film industry during Covid-19 lockdown

Behind the scenes: Isolation Stories

Coronavirus lockdown has put a halt to productions worldwide. But with Isolation Stories ITV Studios has created a novel drama shoot where the cast and crew maintained social distancing. Adrian Pennington investigates.

Scottish universities show creative resilience to deal with COVID-19 disruption

The University of the Highlands and Islands together with Edinburgh Napier University, and thirteen universities across Scotland have come together to produce a first of a kind digital programme for their students studying in creative programmes.

ScreenSkills - Opportunities

Take part in online events, training and e-learning. Apply for mentoring, bursaries and funding

Looking Beyond Lockdown: Will we recognise ourselves?

This state of lockdown really seems to have warped our sense of time and perspective. Or at least that’s the way it feels when you see some of the bigger, bolder statements about what the industry will be like after this crisis is over – statements such as “nothing will ever be the same again!”

When we hear dramatic statements like that it's always a good idea to stop and remind ourselves where we were just before all this began.

Qualified for the Future: quantifying demand for arts, humanities and social science skills

The future of employment, skills and growth is uncertain, with demand being driven not only by technology and automation, but also by how we live within our local and global environment, political uncertainty and demographic change.

Taigh Chearsabhagh invites you to go online!

Taigh Chearsabhagh invites you to go online, crack open a bottle and join us here in the Outer Hebrides for the launch of Stuart Mackenzie and Sheenagh Patience's exhibitions via a Virtual Tour! Friday 15th May @19:30.

The Society of Authors

The Society of Authors has a number of events which you can join in, including: Afternoon Tea with Vaseem Khan, Activism in Poetry & Spoken Word Group AGM, How to sell your writing in interviews & much more...

The Remote Recording Directory

A free and open database to connect composers for film, TV and games with professional musicians able to record from home has been launched by The Ivors Academy.

Digital Pivot Support

We caught up with Suzy Glass, an Independent Producer based in Scotland, and Ashley Smith Hammond, an Officer in the Creative Industries team, to talk about the new Digital Pivot project they are offering.

FOCUS ON: Film Finance

Wednesday 20th May - 1-2pm

In this webinar producer Ivan Mactaggart from Cambridge Picture Company will discuss all things related to film finance. Financing of film projects often requires an elaborate patchwork of investors, banks, soft money tax credits and in-kind services. In this webinar feature film and television producer Ivan Mactaggart from Cambridge Picture Company will discuss various aspects of film financing.

FOCUS ON: Film Tax Relief

Wednesday 27th May - 1-2pm

Samuel Ampah from Alliotts discusses the UK's Film Tax Relief and explains how it can benefit production companies.

Delivering Human-Centered Products in a Remote World

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed offices and sent everyone home, product delivery teams had to adapt quickly. Luckily, frog has been working with remote teams for years. As a global company, our teams are already distributed across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Digital routes to market for food and drink producers webinar

Identifying and engaging new and existing customers has never been more important. We’re bringing you a set of workshops that will set out the essential principles of digital marketing and market development, enabling you to develop your online business and find new markets following the impact of COVID-19.

Feisean at BTBW

Virtually Born To Be Wide with Fèisean Nan Gàidheal

Thursday, May 14, 2020 - 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

Our first Virtually Born To Be Wide includes many of the aspects of the physical events including a live discussion panel, socialising and an opportunity for participants to share news of releases and other forthcoming activities.

The Wellbeing Fund

The Wellbeing Fund aims to support organisations across the third sector that are providing important services to people who are most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This forms part of a £350 million package from the Scottish Government.

This round of funding opened for applications on 8th May 2020. To be considered for funding, applications must be received by noon on 22nd May 2020.

Food and Drink -Mars looks at other ways to stay relevant.

Keen to stay relevant by re-imagining its long-running ‘Light Side of Life’ campaign from lockdown, Mars' Maltesers is working on a week-by-week basis with its ad agency AMV BBDO as long-term planning continues to be scuppered by the pandemic.

Limelights - Lighting up Kessock Bridge, photos Paul Campbell

Kessock Bridge for NHS & Highland Hospice

A series of images of the Kessock Bridge in Inverness. Specialist lighting company, Limelights lit up the bridge in support of the NHS and local charity, Highland Hospice.

Welcome to the See Yourself on Screen Challenge

This is your chance to create a mini-TV show and see it shown on your favourite channels across the UK!

Consumers may be slow to return to the on-premise even as regulations ease

As some countries around the world start to relax physical distancing and lockdown regulations, the IWSR has found that consumers are still proceeding with caution. The industry, especially the on-premise, will need to keep in mind that consumers are not guaranteed to revert to their pre-crisis behaviour.

Why collaboration with Designers will become more important.

Four years ago, silk fabric specialists Pongees moved its London warehouse and offices to larger premises in Dartford Kent, while still retaining a showroom in the capital’s East End. Managing director Nick Moore explains why the move has proven even more fortuitous since Coronavirus struck.

Claim a grant through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

If you're self-employed or a member of a partnership and have been adversely affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) use this scheme if you're eligible to claim the grant.

Sanderson: How to search for your new job

Sanderson Government and Defence, the recruitment and services organisation, brings us a series of helpful videos, navigating you on your journey to find a new job. Watch the first video here, and get some advice on how to search for a new role.

APA Shooting Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to enable production companies to take reasonable and practice steps to safeguard the health and safety of everyone attending a film shoot in relation to COVID-19 and to meet their obligations to do so under the Health & Safety at Work Act, and law, and Government regulations on COVID-19. Production companies have that responsibility which they can meet by following these guidelines.

Modern design, traditional craftsmanship.

Siobhan Mackenzie is a Multi Award-Winning Scottish Fashion Designer.

Born and raised in The Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland, her Highland heritage and Clan Mackenzie roots inspired her Graduate Collection and have remained a firm inspiration transcending throughout the brand.

Meet the Woman Who Made Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Must-See Quarantine TV

The streaming-video giant’s Lisa Nishimura explains why documentary storytelling is booming, describes taking film pitches via Zoom

Luxury is setting the pace for sustainability

The fashion industry must be ahead of the curve in tackling the climate and biodiversity crises

This is being described as the “super-year”, with 2020 seen as pivotal – when binding decisions will be made on climate and nature by the world’s governments at international policy meetings.

How Might Museums Look Different When They Reopen After Coronavirus?

Museums shut down during the Coronavirus lockdown are inching to towards reopening, with institutions across Europe and North America looking to welcome visitors again in May.

But with the Coronavirus crisis ongoing, museums have to walk a careful line balancing public safety with giving the public access to culture, art and history.

Locked down not locked out – Assessing the digital response of museums to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown, many museums have developed and put in place online digital offerings. Rebecca Kahn reflects on how museums and museum researchers have approached the digital exhibition as an opportunity for museums to communicate their research in new ways.

Tourism - virtual tours in Wales

Enjoy the exhibitions and resources of Welsh museums - from your sofa.

The museums of Wales have an excellent online presence with multiple ways to experience what they have to offer from the comfort of your home. Get involved with a host of fascinating learning resources, go on Google Expeditions and view thousands of paintings in the Art Collections Online.

UK Fashion - Routes to Market into Japan

UKFT is now bringing you its popular Japanese Market Roundtable event in a virtual format on Zoom on Friday 15th May, starting at 11am.

The panel will look at routes to market for UK companies into Japan and discuss how the market may change due to the Covid19 outbreak.

Dogstar Theatre Online

Dogstar Theatre Online are launching with two great theatre and film experiences - THE TAILOR OF INVERNESS & CIRCLING A FOX . The Tailor of Inverness is one of the most successful Scottish theatre productions of the last 20 years. Circling A Fox is brand new, a documentary about the Tailor story by Brian Ross and Hopscotch Films, with a wonderful endorsement below from one of Scotland’s greatest living novelists, James Robertson.

Roving Reporters: The Work of the Field Officer Team

How are Historic Environment Scotland ensuring Scotland’s historic places receive the TLC they deserve? Join their team of Field Officers to see how they are helping to protect and manage scheduled monuments.

Making Room for that darn compelling Final Results Brief that Funding Agencies or Policy Makers can Reuse!

“Show me in layman’s terms what major results your project has achieved & identify the one place where everybody interested can find it all, I beg of you? “

So I’d like to introduce a different spin on some forward thinking to the new EU framework programme Horizon Europe -and a request to make a small difference in disseminating our project results.

Recording Scotland’s History in 3D With The Rae Project

Digital Documentation Manager Lyn Wilson explains how and why we’re digitally documenting Scotland’s history with the Rae Project.

Did you know Historic Environment Scotland (HES) are on a mission to digitally document every place and object in their care? It’s called the Rae Project, and it’s a huge undertaking – but they're up to the challenge!

AIM Hallmarks at Home

The AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums are a framework to help museums and heritage organisations throughout the UK. The Hallmarks identify characteristics that are typical of successful heritage organisations and enable them to prosper and thrive.

Tourism – destination and sector support fund

Visit Scotland fund announced

Visit Scotland have launched the Tourism Destination and Sector Support Fund which will provide financial help to tourism destination and sector organisations across Scotland who've lost income from membership subscriptions from tourism businesses due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

BEFS Bulletin – Sustainable Investment & Digital Skills

Get The Latest Built Environment News, Publications, Policy Developments, Vacancies And More. Throughout 2019 and early 2020 BEFS, on behalf of the OPiT Built Heritage Investment group, has been continuing the development of the prioritisation strand of work.

Good governance in a time of crisis for Scottish museums

Wednesday 13 May 2020 - 11am

Let’s talk through the issues online at the first Governance Forum at 11am on Wednesday 13 May. The forum will be led by Hilary Barnard and Ruth Lesirge from HBRL Consulting, expert advisors on charity and museum governance. There are only 6 places so sign up soon.

Time for change: How to use the crisis to make fashion sourcing more agile and sustainable

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the fashion industry’s global sourcing and production operations. A survey of sourcing executives reveals their immediate response to the crisis and details strategies to reshape sourcing for a demand-driven, sustainable future.

Craft Scotland Financial Support Toolkit

Craft Scotland have worked with Hollis Accounting Ltd. to create a comprehensive overview of the current financial support available to individuals and organisations during Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Accessing Heritage Places From Home

May 7th 4PM CET "Accessing Heritage Places From Home" Join us for presentations by panelists from National Trust for Canada, Carleton University, CyArk, Politecnico di Torino, and Worldsensing, followed by Q&A. Welcome address by Grazia Tucci and Mario Santana Quintero. Moderated by Rebecca Napolitano and Efstathios Adamopoulos. With the support of CIPA, ICOMOS, National Trust for Canada, and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) CREATE Program.

British Film Commission commences consultation on Production Protocols for Inward Investment TV and Film industry to aid recovery

The British Film Commission, as part of the wider BFI Screen Sector COVID-19 Task Force, has today begun a consultation on a draft set of protocols for inward investment film and TV production, to ensure the sector can restart scripted production as soon as the Government’s COVID-19 lockdown measures are eased.

Impact Summit Online | 20 May 2020

The UK’s leading purpose-led business event.

Museums Galleries Scotland Health and Wellbeing Sessions

As part of their sector resilience priority, Museums Galleries Scotland are holding some online sessions around health and wellbeing over the next few weeks.

XpoNorth Shorts EP 11 with Jessica Fox and Robert Twigger

Escape lock down with award-winning author and adventurer Robert Twigger! We're delighted to get a first look at his new book "Walking the Great North Line", as Rob shares insights into how to write about experiences and offers the secrets to what makes for a good adventure.

Short Com Sitcom Script Competition

Short Com is delighted to announce its first ever script competition. Having screened some of the funniest short comedy films for several years by emerging comedy film-making talent to audiences and industry alike, we are now looking to unearth comedic writing talent to help kick-start their writing career.

XpoNorth Shorts EP 10 with Jessica Fox and Pippa Goldschmidt

A must for anyone with writerly ambitions! Join us as award-winning novelist and short story author, Pippa Goldschmidt, takes us through the physics novel writing, the differences between fiction about science and science fiction and offers sage advice for how to get our ideas down onto paper.

Aberdeen academics receive more than £1 million funding for design project

A team of academics from a university have received more than £1 million in funding for a new design project.

The research group from Robert Gordon University will work with Shanghai academics and industry partners in Scotland to educate consumers about the sustainability, craftmanship, heritage and value of traditional fashion and textile products.

Edinburgh TV Festival goes digital

2020 Digital Passes on sale now!

The Edinburgh TV Festival to be reimagined online for 2020 & announced a series of initiatives to support & connect the TV Industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Scottish Textiles Industry Survey 2020

"There has...never been a more important time to get the needs of the textile industry heard by government." - Scottish Textile Industry Leadership Group

Zero Waste Scotland: An Introduction to Circular Economy | Webinar

We’re delighted to share that Zero Waste Scotland will be presenting this introduction to the circular economy as part of our virtual programme of activities. Join us for free to explore the concepts behind a circular economy, have a look at what is already being achieved in the creative industries sector and to hear about what happens at Zero Waste Scotland.

1Xtra are launching The Inspire ME Masterclasses on Instagram Live (@bbc1xtra).

This Monday 4th May at 6pm, 1Xtra are launching The Inspire ME Masterclasses on Instagram Live (@bbc1xtra). These special sessions will be happening every Monday across May and will give an insight into music & broadcasting.

AVOD, SVOD & FTA: What's next?

Covid-19 has blindsided most of the TV business but the severity of the repercussions on SVOD, AVOD and broadcast sectors look likely to be felt across the long-term, writes Richard Middleton

TV - Entering a new era of content creation

Screen production has been among the hardest hit sectors from the Covid-19 pandemic, with freelance workers in particular suffering badly. Mark Layton explores how some businesses have adapted and evaluates lockdown’s lingering effect.

Why Members and Subscribers Are Critical for Your Reopening Strategy (DATA)

Data suggests that members and subscribers may be particularly important target audiences upon reopening. Here’s why.

We have a great deal of data and potentially critical information coming in right now alongside analysis to inform recovery strategies for cultural entities upon reopening. To that end, we’ve decided to publish this Friday special featuring a new Fast Facts video.

After the Interval: When will audiences return to live events and venues after lockdown?

We launched the After the Interval Survey only 12 days ago and have already received over 40,000 audience responses from our participating organisations, ranging from Opera Companies to small and large venues, including Concert Halls, Theatres and Arts Centres.

Podcast – conversation with Steve Carson Head of Multiplatform BBC Scotland

ReelScotland Blethers: Episode 23 - BBC Scotland's Steve Carson

Fashion and Music Find New Ways to Partner in the Pandemic

It may be a while before concerts and red carpets are allowed again, but luxury brands are finding creative ways to engage with the music industry in the meantime.

The Digital Maturity Playbook

Magnified by the events of recent months, 2020 is a year that will go down in history. Never has the digital world been more present, or the need to embrace digital technology more important.

Every day, new tools and technologies are emerging. Together they can change the way charities and Not for Profits work.

The Bookseller and Spread the Word launch survey for small presses

The Bookseller and writer development charity Spread the Word have launched a survey of small independent presses to assess the financial pressures they are under as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.

Tourism and Heritage – pivoting a business in crisis

Pivoting through a crisis: how one company bounced back. We lost $2.8 million in annual revenue in 3 days—and survived. Here's how.

COVID-19 Diversification Strategies – How to Diversify in a Crisis

During the pandemic, many businesses are developing COVID-19 Diversification strategies. These can be simply emergency tactics for the short term, or more fundamental strategic changes for the medium term. Some businesses will later return to ‘normal’ (or the ‘new normal’) whilst others will be completely transformed, emerging with a new business model (or Business Formula). Some creative entrepreneurs will take the opportunity to RE-Design their creative businesses, to adapt to new realities and achieve even greater success.

West Highland Museum's Podcast

Join Dr. Chris Robinson on a fascinating journey through time exploring some of the forgotten places of Lochaber's past.

In this first episode Chris takes you to the old crofting settlement of Blarmachfoldach which nestles in the hills high above Fort William in the Scottish Highlands.

Dash Survey

The DASH survey (designed and managed by Timmus Ltd, with the generous support of an advisory board of industry experts) collects information across an organisation’s staff and volunteers which helps them to better understand and support their people now and in the future.

5G Create Funding Competition

A new £30 million open competition - 5G Create - has been launched. This is an open competition aiming to attract bids from a variety of industries where the UK has a competitive advantage, encouraging dynamic business models and opening up new opportunities and markets.

Launchpad Competition

With the pandemic shuttering VFX houses in favour of remote working, we're announcing the launch of our first-ever virtual internship competition for new talent. The competition calls on teams of budding VFX wunderkinds to craft an original 30-second film in either full CG or using a combination of CG and live action.

VAT scrapped on E-publications

Plans to scrap VAT on e-books and e-newspapers have been significantly fast-tracked in a boost to readers and publishers during the coronavirus outbreak, the Chancellor announced today - 30 April

Cultural consumption in the UK during the COVID-19 lockdown

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the lockdown has led to unprecedented changes in how we live, including the ways in which we interact with cultural content. Movement restrictions leading to more time in the home, the mental wellbeing consequences of social distancing and the huge economic uncertainties, are all likely to disrupt how the public accesses digital content in the coming weeks and months, and very likely in the long term.

Marc Crothall: Tourism – looking to the future

THE last few weeks have presented little opportunity to pause for very long; the Scottish Tourism Alliance has been working in crisis mode on behalf of the industry since the beginning of March, however, I have had moments to reflect on the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with tourism businesses and build a picture of what the ‘new normal’ for our industry might look like.

Commission explores EU-wide crowdfunding project to finance recovery

The European Commission has held initial talks with various platforms involved in crowdfunding and proposed to lead a joint EU-wide crowdfunding campaign to help some of the most affected groups by the coronavirus pandemic, according to an internal document seen by EURACTIV.com.

Radio: Home broadcasting during lockdown

Radio in lockdown: Many radio presenters have already left their regular studios and are broadcasting from home. Radio production is better placed than TV to broadcast from home. But the coronavirus lockdown still poses challenges for the sector, writes Kevin Hilton.

Roll out of up to £600 million National Lottery funding to tackle coronavirus impact

Charities and organisations affected by the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK are being given access to a comprehensive package of support of up to £600 million of repurposed money from The National Lottery.

Intent to Visit by Household Income: What it Means For Reopening (DATA)

Mobilising certain visitors may be more important than others as organisations aim to find their footing and start the recovery process.

BFI COVID-19 Production Continuation Fund

Through this new BFI COVID-19 Production Continuation Fund we have made up to £2m available to independent British productions interrupted by COVID-19. Awards made through the Fund are intended to support unexpected additional production costs arising directly from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that cannot be covered from other sources

The new normal

As tourism tries to look to the future, the dominating trend that has developed over the past few days is looking to the ‘new normal’.

NEMO publishes initial results of survey on the impact of the corona crisis on museums in Europe

The impacts of the corona crisis have been severe on museums all over Europe. In the past two weeks, NEMO has carried out a survey to look at how the situation has impacted museum budgets and operations, how museums cope in these times, how they re-organise their structures and offer new services to their audiences.

Covid-19 heats up the race to combat advertising’s keyword blocking problem

With publishers braced for an intense revenue squeeze in the next calendar year, industry trade bodies and governments are now wading into the keyword blocking debate in a bid to ensure the survival of the news industry.

Innovate Your Business

In these challenging times, many businesses may need to rethink their processes and develop new products and services to meet customer needs.

Join HIE webinar, taking place on Thursday 7 May, to hear from Innovate Your Business adviser, Karine Burns. She will talk about some of the tools you can use to take stock of where you are and how you can adapt to help your business survive and thrive.

Meet the former journalist marketing the Faroe Islands on a shoestring

The past three years have seen Visit Faroe Islands scoop up a cabinet full of advertising awards. Its latest campaign, ‘Remote Tourism’, has reached millions worldwide despite barely spending a single Danish Kroner on paid advertising. So, who’s behind this budget-busting approach to destination marketing?

General – channel 4 advertising offer

To incentivise marketers to spend on TV, and help ease production pressures, channel 4 is offering free use of its in-house team 4Creative to advertisers.

Anti-paywall Gay Times CEO unveils membership scheme amid coronavirus

The frequency of the magazine has been reduced to quarterly – it’ll be a fatter, more comprehensive read. Existing subscribers will be placed in the “equivalent Gay Times+ membership… at no extra cost” and will be first in line for the coming benefits as of June 2020.

IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme

Accelerator Challenges - Open Call!

The programme has been created by IBC to drive sector-wide digital transformation, where Accelerators ultimately demonstrate business value through an open R&D approach, reflecting the value of industry of standards and best practices.

Folk in Crisis Support Fund Application Form and Criteria

Scottish Traditional Music For All. Applicant must be a full time Folk musician or music production staff primarily involved in Folk music.

To apply to the Folk in Crisis Support Fund - Deadline for applications is 25th May 2020.

The Scottish Government has announced a £100m package of additional grant support for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs)

The Scottish Government has announced a £100m package of additional grant support for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and newly self-employed people which will open for applications later today.

The three separate funds will be administered by local authorities and Scotland’s enterprise agencies and will begin to pay out grants in early May.

Number of Gaelic learners outstrips entire population of Highlands and Islands

Around 300,000 people are now learning Scottish Gaelic on the free Duolingo app with the course launched just over five months ago.

The number of Gaelic learners using the app now outstrips the entire population of the Highland and Western Isles council areas, where a total of around 265,000 people live.

£500 prize on offer for local music inspired by Highlands and Islands nature reserves

A competition to inspire people to connect with nature through music is seeking new compositions from budding musicians.

The In Tune With Nature contest is calling on musicians of all genres – whether rock, rap, folk, classical or anything in between – to show their love of nature by writing music inspired by the coasts and waters of Scotland’s beautiful nature reserves.

Drive to support Orkney produce launched

A major drive is underway to help boost Orkney food, drink and crafts businesses online during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Two special pages have been launched by Orkney.com, showcasing the Orkney Food and Drink and Creative Orkney members who offer an online sales service to customers.

Museums, coronavirus, climate change: understanding global health security against epidemics, to help society #BuildBackBetter

If you’re interested in how museums can use the Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint to enhance their contributions to a better future, see this Guide below:

TikTok launches in-app donations feature

The social media video platform TikTok has launched a new in-app donations feature that allows users to raise funds for the charities and causes they care about.

Donation Stickers, launched yesterday, are clickable buttons that can be embedded in videos and live streams on the app, encouraging viewers to give.

Social Distancing and Museums: don’t touch the art … or anything else

While the museums may be closed for now, when they do reopen popular exhibitions will bring with them a whole host of new problems. As we ease out of lockdown how will museums make visitors feel comfortable to return and keep them safe once they arrive?

Coronavirus (COVID-19): testing for key workers in Scotland

The UK government has established a new network of Covid testing facilities for key workers. This programme runs alongside the existing programme of testing in the NHS for clinical purposes and testing of key workers in health and social care.

The Film Industry and COVID-19 (The RAW Truth) - Richard Botto on Indie Film Hustle Podcast

We pulled back the curtain on what we are seeing and hearing right now as it relates to the entertainment industry during the COVID-19 pandemic to show you that things are not all gloom and doom. In fact there are far more opportunities available right now than you might imagine.

What will events and experiential look like after lockdown?

To be in the business of events in 2020 is the equivalent of owning shares in Blockbuster back in 2010. Covid-19 has upended the way we live, work and socialise faster than you can say ‘Netflix and chill’, and the event industry has been hit hard. Really hard.

Television Business International report 1 – adapting tv production during lockdown and beyond

Screen production has been among the hardest hit sectors from the Covid-19 pandemic, with freelance workers in particular suffering badly. Mark Layton explores how some businesses have adapted and evaluates lockdown’s lingering effect

New at The Numbers: Introducing Virtual Theatrical Tracking

The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound effect on the movie industry, with theaters shuttered around the world. One creative response to the crisis has been the introduction of virtual theatrical releases. Instead of releasing a film to the VOD or streaming platforms, distributors are partnering with movie theaters to create a moviegoing experience while staying at home

Television Business International report 2 - content creation -markets and buyers

Streamers and broadcasters face the unenviable task of delivering fewer shows to bigger audiences with less money to spend on production and acquisition. Richard Middleton and Mark Layton explore how they are weathering this uncertain time – and the steps some are taking to keep content rolling and viewers engaged

2020 Scottish Hotel Awards

We are delighted to share that Sligachan Hotel has won “BEST ISLAND HOTEL” in Scotland and Seumas’ Bar has won the regional “BEST PUB FOOD” award at the Scottish Hotel Awards which took place online due to the lockdown! Massive congratulations to all the other amazing winners and nominees

New fund to support students at UHI

The University of the Highlands and Islands has launched an emergency fund to help students who have been affected by the coronavirus crisis.

BBC R&D Explains – how to make a personalised story

This week BBC Research & Development are launching the first episode of a new video series called BBC R&D Explains, where one or more of our researchers will talk about what they are working on.

Actors sheltering at home perform in live VR experiences, making case for new theater form

In our sudden stay-at-home lifestyle, using technology to transport live performances to the home is a topic that’s top of mind. Some escape-room outfits have been experimenting with video conferencing apps such as Zoom to run their puzzles, while companies that specialize in remote experiences, such as the mobile performances of Candle House Collective, are selling out of shows as they’re made available.

Creative Entrepreneurship - Postgraduate Short Course

The Look Again Creative Entrepreneurship course is a fully funded, Postgraduate level course providing business development support for creatives in Scotland - taking place over 6 full-day online workshops during June/July 2020.

Sunak announces 100% backed loans for small firms

Small firms are to get access to 100% taxpayer-backed loans after they raised concerns about slow access to existing coronavirus rescue schemes.

IQ89: feedback from the livesector - Corona Virus edition! Covers - feedback from the sector, livestreaming, insurance

Museum Freelancers Hardship Fund - opening 1st May

Thanks to lots of generous donors helping raise a whopping £2000, I’m pleased to announce details of how to apply for the Museum Freelancers Hardship Fund, which is providing 10 x £200 bursaries for museum freelancers. The Fund is open to museum freelancers who started freelancing in 2019/20 so haven’t yet completed a tax return and can’t get financial support from the government.

IPA - Statistics and Market Insights

The IPA is committed to providing publishers around the world with market insight and analysis which they can use to build sustainable publishing businesses.

Live music sector – European Govts aid

A continuously updated list of funding likely to benefit those working in the European live industry's biggest touring markets.

Voucher schemes, cultural hardship funds, compensation programmes and loans for small businesses… As the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic rumbles on, IQ takes a look at the financial measures taken by governments and other organisations in different European markets that serve to benefit the live industry.

Behind 'Read The World' – the power of books and storytelling

Two weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant doldrums, I noticed some A-list singers were performing via Instagram from the discomfort of their homes. Chris Martin and John Legend were among the first to sign up to the One World: Together At Home initiative in mid-March, and more followed until it became the 100-artist global streaming event, dubbed the ‘Living Room Live Aid’, on 18 April.

General – Free online courses

Are you a furloughed worker or want to develop your skills? Online courses are a convenient and flexible way to learn.

Why the need for a #VirtualBoxOffice tracker is just the start…

As the majority of our industry moves to digital offerings whether that be a Virtual Film Festival, a Virtual Theatrical Release, or a Virtual Premierewe need to start assessing what this means for data collection and analysis across the industry.

Fashion website Atterley.com launches £500,000 crowdfund as sales grow 200%

Platform for independent retailers reaps benefits of coronavirus lockdown

Tourism - Events & Training

Our calendar of industry events is a great way to keep ahead of the curve and network with others working in tourism. Have a browse through the listings to find out what’s on in your area and around Scotland.

Don't know what's available online? Just ask Alexa...

The world of online events has basically exploded in the last 6 weeks since much of the world was forced into lockdown or social distancing. As we've said, "staying in is the new going out", at least for a while.

Welcome to the Isle of Harris

Every week we continue to post images of our island home, providing a little ‘virtual tour’ of the Hebrides for those of you who can’t make it over to Harris at the moment, and even for us here on the island, who currently can’t venture out to some of our favourite spots.

60 awesome tools and services made freely available amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Many established tech companies have now made their software freely available for a certain period of time, while others offering extended trails.

The three core sales skills that will deliver results in a post lockdown world

Begin by acknowledging consumer sentiment, Self selection, Forecasting and supply chain.

Digital Resilience COVID-19 Fund

Museums can apply for up to £3000 to purchase equipment and software that will enable them to adapt to more digital working during the period of closures brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak and the associated restrictions.

Insurance and Covid-19: Things to consider

UKFT associate member Langton London has outlined a range of things to consider when looking at your business insurance policy in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making

Sets out challenges Scotland faces and outlines the approach and principles that will guide us as we make decisions about transitioning out of the current lockdown arrangements.

Free membership of PACT for 6 months

To help UK indies through this unprecedented crisis, Pact Council have voted unanimously to offer free and full access to its many services and resources to all eligible UK indies for a period of six months.

Coronavirus Fallout May Redefine the Types of Movies That Play in Theaters

Movie theaters face an uncertain path ahead, but there’s a growing consensus that the theatrical distribution landscape will be forever changed once it’s safe for people to go to cinemas again.

Tourism – small shoots of optimism

Visit Scotland's chief executive Malcolm Roughead:

So, in the middle of this doom and gloom it has been heartening to hear that future visitors support us and can't wait to return. Through our email communications to our databases and across our social media channels we have been receiving messages from all over the world with people letting us know they will be back once this crisis is over.

Animal Crossing is emerging as a media channel for brands in lockdown.

Like Houseparty, Zoom and Instagramming sourdough, Nintendo’s video game Animal Crossing has become a digital icon of the coronavirus era. But as millions of players continue to descend on the fantasy platform, brands have started to find a way in too. Here’s how they’re doing it.

What young people in Scotland are making of lockdown – new survey results

A new survey of 2,500 young people gives a clear picture of the impact COVID-19 is having on young people across Scotland.

Business Interruption Insurance: guidance for photographers from Association of Photographers

Coronavirus and your insurance policy – what you need to know

The Coronavirus is now an international pandemic and known event

As the coronavirus has now been declared an international pandemic, in our opinion this is now deemed a known event from an insurance perspective. As it’s a known event, from this point onwards no ‘new’ insurance policy is likely to provide any cover for claims linked to the coronavirus.

The State of the Entertainment Industry During COVID-19: The World of Film with David Zannoni

In this month's vlog, David talks about the state of the entertainment industry in the face of COVID-19.

David highlights that while there are challenges with the lack of physical production in the industry, there are more opportunities than ever to be innovative and creative on the development side of things.

Aim Crisis Fund for Independent Music Contractors

AIM is proud to announce that today AIM and its members have launched a support fund aimed at the contractors and freelance workers in the independent music industry whose source of income has been severed without warning due to lost work in April and May as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. AIM Rightsholder members can now invite their artists and their artists’ managers to nominate candidates to be pre-approved on this basis.

The World Tales Short Story Competition

The World Tales Short Story Competition — being run by UNESCO and the Idries Shah Foundation. The theme is ‘Once upon a time in my future’ and is for 12 to 18 year-olds. Deadline for submission: 31 May 2020