When submitting a film for a screening can I send you a link to my film online?

Yes but not a trailer version, you must send a link to the full length film you are submitting. It also must be a hi-res version of your film that we can use for screening if your film is selected for the programme. Full details with spec will be provided when the submissions window opens in January.

What happens to my film when it reaches XpoNorth after a call for submissions?

The submission form is checked to ensure it’s complete, this is often the first hurdle for entries.  If not complete then you will be contacted and asked to re-send form. Entry will not be filed until complete form is received. Your film will then be filed and logged ready for selection. You will be informed if your film is chosen for a screening.

How do you decide which films to show?

XpoNorth primarily wants to showcase films made by Highlands and Islands practitioners and filmmakers from the wider Scottish community. This is not a black and white rule, your film will initially be selected on a number of criteria:  original work, good production values, imaginative storytelling, theme of particular screening programme.  After that it’s subjective, if we like it, we’ll show it!

A main reason we decline films is because the submission criteria has not been met and full rights clearance are unclear.  Please, please make sure your paperwork is complete.

What kind of films does XpoNorth show in their various screening programmes?

There is not set rule, sometimes programmes are thematic but generally we want to showcase the talent we have right here in Scotland, in particular the Highlands and Islands.

Can my submission DVD be returned after the event?

We have changed the submission process now to be completely online.  The submission form will ask you to attach a link to the full length, hi res version of your film on Vimeo, Youtube or similar.  DVD copies will not be accepted.

When can I apply to showcase or submit my film for screening at XpoNorth?

The showcase window for music submissions and call for film submissions will open on Friday 26th January 2018 and close at midnight on Monday 9th April 2018. It is a completely online process. All music submissions are then passed to a respected panel of industry professionals to establish the final showcase list. All film submissions will be viewed and selected by the Screen and Broadcast Sector Specialist.

When will I find out if I have been selected to showcase or if my film has been selected for screening?

We hope to inform successful artists and filmmakers by Friday 20th April 2018 for both the music and film showcases.

Will I get paid for my performance? (Music Showcase only)

All artists will receive payment for their performance, to be administered in cash directly after their show.  There is no fee paid for screening films.