XpoNorth Festival Screening Programme 2015

  Wednesday 10th June  
10am Ten Paisa and Grandmother India
  Upside Down United States
  Deer and Firework China
  As He Lay Falling Edinburgh
11am The Laboratory with Leaves: Creepy Crawlies    Oxford
  Anatomy of a Sunbeam Canada
  Heavyweight Denmark
  Different People Russia
  Michel France
  Baby at any price France
12 noon   White Lining Dorset
  Calling Ukraine Netherlands
  Kapi Turkey
  Money Box China
  Scotoma Manchester
  Children's Allowance Ireland
  Surface Highlands & Islands
1pm Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution United States
  Love Refrain Italy
  The Future Australia
  First Ascent Highlands & Islands
  Tři Cíga United States
  Available Light Nottingham
  Time Capsule Canada
2pm 'About Me' Canada
  The Fight Ireland
  e-Social Greece
  A Wee Night In Glasgow
  The Wheel of Time Turkey
  Tall Tales Part Two Manchester
3pm Pebble Moon Leeds
  On the Edge Israel
  Razor Russia
  Under the Same Roof United Kingdom
4pm All You Do Is Shag Spain
  James and the Urn Edinburgh
  ChatRoulette London
  Dropping Off Michael Glasgow
  Everything For The Movies Belgium
  Chinatown Turkey
5pm Golden Hour
  A curated selection of films from our partners at Cork Film Festival
and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  Céad Ghrá
Dir.: Brian Deane. Producer:Eamonn Cleary
Cork Film Festival
  Boogaloo and Graham
Dir: Michael Lennox. Producer: Brian J. Falconer
Cork Film Festival
  Cutting Grass
Dir: Ruairi O'Brien , John Kennedy. Prdoucer: Laura McNicholas
Cork Film Festival
  Somewhere Down The Line
Dir: Julien Regnard. Producer: Jonathan Clarke
Cork Film Festival
  The Groundsman
Written & Directed by Jonny Blair
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
8pm Mental Health Film Festival showcasing David Graham Scott's
  Detox Or Die


  Thursday 11th June  
10am Tarweeda Bahrain
  A Lost Youth Maidstone
  Someone Else's Skin                                           France
  Where are you hiding Italy
  Tethered United States
  Swoon United States
  Rosso Papavero Slovakia
11am Freistl Austria
  Office Kingdom Italy
  I've Just Had A Dream Spain
  Daily Bread United States
  Moments Manchester
  3 Shades India
  Take Your Time Cornwall
12 noon   Directed by Tweedie Edinburgh
  Agradecimento Brazil
  Camouflage Netherlands
  Harvest Australia
  Adana Kebap Turkey
1pm The Penguin Construction Hungary
  Elysia Highlands & Islands
  Go Daan Go! Netherlands
  1900-2000 France
  Botev is an idiot Bulgaria
  Magarwasi India
  A Friend of Ours Australia
2pm Waning Wolf United States
  Better Than Tomorrow London
  White Swan France
  The Trouble with Lucie France
  Dark Side of the Earth France
3pm Arty Anne Glasgow
  Planet X London
  The Latecomers Netherlands
  Keys, Money, Phone South Africa
  OUT - A Coming Out Documentary United States
4pm Heaven Group Sweden
  The Technician United Kingdom
  The Bird That Never Flew Glasgow
  A Time Of Freedom Highlands & Islands
5pm Golden Hour
  A curated selection of films from our partners at BFI Film Academy
Dir. Darren Paxton (16) Inverness
  Happy Birds
Dir. Susannah Johnstone (19) Inverness
8pm 10 Years Of Screen Academy Scotland