XpoNorth Live! 2016

XpoNorth Live! 2015

XpoNorth Live! is a two week radio production training course delivered by XpoNorth partners Dabster Productions, culminating in three days of live radio broadcasting from the festival. You can listen to interviews, chat, acoustic sessions from showcasing artists; watch the recordings and enjoy the live performances.

With trainees of varying experience, each aspect of radio production is addressed in the intensive course, now in its fifth year. Presenting, interviewing, editing, scheduling and programme production dominate the first half of the course before each trainee produces three live shows during the XpoNorth festival. The broadcast will be available through the XpoNorth website (coming soon) featuring live sessions and interviews plus updates on the trainees experience.

Check out some videos produced by the XpoNorth Live! Team in 2015:







Richard Melvin

Richard Melvin, Director, Dabster Productions
Richard Melvin is the Director of Dabster Productions and leads from the front at work and play. Now nine years as an independent, the challenges are just as tough but on an ever increasing scale. Delivering training with an inspirational rather than aspirational mindset is at the core of Richard’s and therefore Dabster’s heart.



Sean Kerwin

Sean Kerwin, Sound Engineer
Sean Kerwin is an audio ninja, he has been producing music for over fifteen years and specialises in electronica for a range of outlets including commercial release, broadcasting and new media. For Dabster, he’s a production master, a recording specialist and our most experienced trainer, having taught sound production at Perth College, Abertay Uni and now Glasgow Kelvin College.


Al Lorraine

Al Lorraine, Radio Producer
Al Lorraine is a producer and the Training Course Manager at Dabster. He has delivered structured mentorship to through the chaos of the Edinburgh Festival to produce world class programming, he has designed training courses for arts funding bodies and support networks and produced pioneering public engagement sessions  in education. He is a presenter on XFM.


Julia Sutherland

Julia Sutherland, Producer
Julia Sutherland is a producer, performer and presenter who worked for over ten years at BBC Scotland. Now at Dabster she continues to pioneer new ground in radio production and our training projects. Julia is currently working on broadcast projects for BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 4 as well as presenting and writing for both television and radio.