Film Showcase Programme XpoNorth 2017

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*Contains strong language, adult themes or content of a sexual nature.


XpoNorth Submission Films 10am - 11am


Stay (Inverness)
Dir. Neill Prentice
11 mins

Desperate to save their parents' marriage, two brothers break into a rural cabin. Their mission: to rob a mysterious man who they believe is the solution to their problem. But can love be fixed or is that just a myth?  


Happiness (Cuba)
Dir. Ana A. Alpizar
3 mins

Tomas is a family man who finds satisfaction in dressing as a woman and has decided to lead a double life at night. Even though his wife supports him, she finds it difficult to share his happiness.

Water Level Unknown

Water Level Unknown (Czech Republic)
Dirs. Tomáš Lipský, Dužan Duong
5 mins

A young man is full of bad memories of his father at the hardest time of his life.  

Bus Story

Bus Story (Spain)
Dir. Jorge Yudice
10 mins

Every day he gets the bus and there she is, asleep.  He's never spoken to her but he knows where she gets off the bus. Today though she doesn't wake up and she's going to miss her stop. What should he do? 

Words of Atonement

*Words of Atonement (USA)
Dir. Phillip G Carroll Jr
10 mins

Italy, Winter 1944 - A small American convoy makes its way through an old  village.  As the company drives through the town, a small group of Germans prepares to ambush them...

The Bear Necessity

The Bear Necessity (Aberdeen)
Dir. Eilidh Gow
5 mins

 7-year-old Robbie has a rare gut condition called Pseudo Obstruction, which has resulted in a stoma - a surgically created opening from the bowel through the abdomen.  A bear helps him cope with this condition and changes his life. 

The Big Class

The Big Class (Canada)
Dir. Marie-Lou Béland
6 mins

Lined up in perfect rows like an army, students mindlessly copy the teacher who, herself, is being controlled like a puppet by strings from a higher source. Dropped into a world where differences can not exist, will Logan be assimilated or will he keep his identity? 

Custom Love

Custom Love (London)
Dir. Jonathan Kebe
9 mins

He's the perfect man taking her on the perfect date. Now she's just waiting for the perfect question.

XpoNorth Submission Films 11am - 12noon

Wintry Spring

Wintry Spring (Egypt)
Dir. Mohamed Kamel
15 mins

Nour is a teenager who lives with her Dad.  When she experiences the unexpected arrival of puberty she's not quite sure how to broach the subject with her Dad.

Guillaume Drifting

Guillaume Drifting (France)
Dir. Sylvain Dieuaide
17 mins

On the day of his dismissal, Guillaume meets Tom his substitute…   


#NotAlone (Greece)
Dirs. Sotiris Petridis, Dimitris Tsakaleas
5 mins

A teenage girl takes a selfie while she is home alone and tries to upload it to her social media account, but soon she realises that she is #NotAlone… 

Playing House

Playing House (Turkey)
Dirs. Cenk Koksal, Ozgul Gurbuz
3 mins

A little girl is playing house by herself. She makes food out of toys and sets the table. Then a little boy comes in, and she greets him with joy. But things get dark while they are pretending...


Splinter (Edinburgh)
Dir. Simon Fox
14 mins

Splinter is a short psychological horror about a young girl, Nicola, as she searches for her brother, all the while her reality begins to crack and fracture apart, with nightmarish visions taking over. 


Timeline (Russian Federation, USA)
Dir. Mikhail Romanovskiy
8 mins

Ten years after a mother has lost both of her sons, unable to come to terms with the loss, she makes an attempt to bring them back through a video editing program.  

XpoNorth Submission Films 12noon - 1pm

The  Gift

The Gift (Kyrgyzstan)
Dir. Bolsunbek Taalaibek uulu
18 mins

A story about an unexpected meeting between two cultures and civilisations, told with a melancholic humour.

Half Time

Half Time (France)
Dir. Arnaud Pelca
8 mins

A female football team has a few minutes to get itself together. The coach who is a quiet sort, needs to deal with the team's president and also her daughter, who is one of the players. 

Unspoken Water

Unspoken Water (London)
Dir. Sarah Blackie
10 mins

This documentary reveals the amazing, scenic landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland and the rejuvenating effects of becoming immersed within them whilst wild swimming.


Limitless (Australia)
Dir. Rory McLeod
6 mins

Zoe thinks people have in for her, but do they really?

Memories of You

Memories of You (Netherlands)
Dir. Bart Schrijver
10 mins

An old man has build five theatre stages in a large warehouse. Now he looks at the reenactment of the most beautiful memories of his live, so he can feel like he did when his wife was still alive. 


BFI Highland Film Academy 1pm - 2pm


Dir. Benedict Donnelly
8 mins

Alex must overcome conflicting thoughts of leaving his disabled mother to study at University or staying at home to care for her, with no likely support from the outside world. 


Dir. Harris Palmer
8 mins

It's rumoured a vicious escaped prisoner hides out in the woods. Three film students set out to explore the forest. They never returned...but their camera did.


Dir. Lewis Wolstenhulme
5 mins

Music made the world go round... until technology took over.   

Behind The Scenes Documentary

Behind the Scenes Documentary
11 mins

BFI Film Academy Highlands and Islands Behinds The Scenes Documentary Follow the 2016 intake of young people from across the Highlands and Islands, as they make two short films on the BFI Film Academy. 

Q&A with the Filmmakers


XpoNorth Submission Films 2pm - 3pm

Unleavened Bread

Unleavened Bread (France)
Dir. Wilfried Méance
9 mins

Vanessa is in love with Rémi. Rémi is in love with Vanessa. Only one damper: his bread won't rise...

The Truants

*The Truants (Lancashire)
Dir. Aaron Dunleavy
12 mins

Two teenage boys run away from school to embark on a dangerous adventure, as they truant their way across the threatening industrial landscape which surrounds them.

Those Who Love

*Those Who Love (Norway)
Dir. Nefise Lorentzen
5 mins

Six strangers in an elevator each hold a black box, containing stories of shame and violence. But what will they do when they arrive at their respective floors? 


*Vanilla (Spain)
Dir. Juan Beiro
10 mins

Life is talking about silly stuff with the people you love.  

Eich Bhana

Eich Bhàna (Kinlochbervie)
Dir. Alison MacPherson
6 mins

Eich Bhàna is a short animation that aims to paint a picture of the North West coast of Scotland, through the story of a fisherman struggling with his fears and with a feral horse. 

Wedded or Bachelor?

*Wedded or Bachelor? (UK)
Dirs. Cristina Piernas, Victoria Ruiz
9 mins

In a world dominated by women, Bernardo will have to get through a singular interview to access to the secretary's position that he wishes.


*Fundamental (Taiwan)
Dir. Shih-Chieh Chiu
7 mins

Warped into an ultra-religious environment from a young age, a teenager is forced to adhere to a rigid and sometimes irrational world-view.  One day he gathers the courage to escape and sees that human existence is actually a more nuanced experience.


Special Screening 3pm

The End of the Game

The End of the Game
Dir. David Graham Scott
71 mins

A bizarre journey to Africa with a vegan filmmaker and a big game hunter.  Committed vegan, David Graham Scott, follows old colonial relic Guy Wallace as he prepares to go on his last big game hunt and fulfil his ambition to bag a fearsome cape buffalo. It’s Guy’s last chance to relive his glory days in the African bush and finally lay down his guns.

Q&A with Director



XpoNorth Submission Films 10am - 11am

Inverness Parkrun

Inverness Parkrun - Bringing the Community Together (Inverness)
Dir. Niall Ross
5 mins

Runners and volunteers take part at the Inverness Parkrun at Bught Park every Saturday morning, talking about why the event is important for them and what it means for the community.

Fomo Sapiens

Fomo Sapiens (Sweden)
Dir. Viktor Hertz
7 mins

A young couple, suffering from the worst imaginable form of "fear of missing out", decide to take on a tough challenge.

Marvin's Island

Marvin's Island (Portugal)
Dirs. Pedro Oliveira, António Vieira, Filipa Burmester
6 mins

Marvin Sullivan, an old man, decides to get away from the chaos of the city and goes to a desert island looking for some quiet. Happiness takes over him, until he finds out he’s not alone, triggering an unlikely relationship.

I'm Still Here

*I'm Still Here (Edinburgh)
Dir. Stuart Edwards
14 mins

Callum Carson is a 30-year-old sports reporter who tackles his mental health condition on a daily basis. Although the harrowing events of his abusive childhood linger, his love of sport has enabled him to manage his anxiety and forge a successful career.   

Keeping Balance

Keeping Balance (Austria)
Dir. Bernhard Wenger
5 mins

Denise, a 20 year old girl visits the Viennese 'Prater' amusement park nearly every day.  She rides on the 'Tagada' carousel, giving her some contol over her life and helping her get over her difficult past.

Golden Love

Golden Love (UK)
Dir. Pavlo Ostrikov
12 mins

Victor is extremely shy and has forced himself to attend a speed-dating event.  He soon wishes he hadn't until…

Archway 0173

Archway 0173 (Leicestershire)
Dir. Pat Knight
17 mins

Tom is fascinated by an old telephone bought at an auction. It doesn't work, the line is dead. Suddenly, it rings connecting Tom with Isabelle, a young girl in 1940.

XpoNorth Submission Films 11am - 12noon


Kaska (Germany)
Dir. Alexander Dannhauser
13 mins

A ghastly shadow creeps through the ruins of a dark postwar city. A small, spider-like robot sneaks into the few remainig houses, in search for victims...

The Dress

The Dress (Spain)
Dir. Javier Marco
13 mins

Every day, on her way to work, Sara's mother saw a dress in a store window.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time (Iran)
Dir. Alireza Ghasemi
16 mins

A 16 year old girl has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. When she fnally sees her mother, we realise there's another reason for the girl’s presence at the morgue.

Touching the Rainbow

Touching the Rainbow (Turkey)
Dir. Serhat Serter
13 mins

A short documentary film about three children who have Down's Syndrome.

XpoNorth Submission Films 12noon - 1pm


*Lace (Ukraine)
Dir. Таras Rybalchenko, Lidiya Huzhva
10 mins

Two soldiers in the whirlpool of war. A woman and a wounded man. It's impossible to tell what will determine the outcome of a combat situation.  After all, even grenades don't always explode at the right time. 

Where We Are Now

Where We Are Now (Dundee)
Dir. Lucie Rachel
10 mins

Where We Are Now is a personal insight into the changing relationship between a daughter and her trans parent as they embark on the road to transition.

Kayla and Kyle

Kayla and Kyle (Coatbridge)
Dir. Andrew Rooke
13 mins

A young transgender man must choose between his family and his identity. 

The Tower

The Tower (Turkey)
Dir. Ali Araz
9 min

Şükran and Halil Yüksel have lived and worked in the same place for 31 years - a remote and isolated fire tower, their job to alert locals to fires 24/7.  

Inside the Van with the Bongo Club

Inside the Van with the Bongo Club (Spain)
Dir. Alex Esteve
13 mins

Swedish rock band The Bongo Club is howlin’ at the moon for their success in music. This Andalusian tour piece strips it all down to the naked core of what it’s all about.


Screen Academy Scotland presents the European Connection 1pm - 2pm

Event Horizon

Event Horizon
Dir. Joséfa Celestin
11 mins

Summer 1997, in a small village of Scotland where nothing ever happens and the days all resemble themselves, a strange cosmic event comes to disrupt Julianne’s boring everyday life. 

An (un)natural Birth

An (un)natural Birth
Dir. Laura Kingwell
16 mins

A short, deeply personal documentary in which the filmmaker explores her anxieties about becoming a parent as she and her partner search online for a sperm donor.

The Fifth Wall

The Fifth Wall
Dir. Sin Radot
11 mins

What if you realised you were fictional? That you were never real? That your existence is purely for someone else's entertainment? What if you found a way to speak to your creator? What if you broke the fifth wall? 

Patata Tortilla

Patata Tortilla
Dir. Ben Sharrock
17 mins

Unable to fly the nest due to the economic crisis that grips Spain, a penniless young couple attempt to find somewhere intimate to finally consummate their relationship.


XpoNorth Submission Films 2pm - 3pm

Hey Sweetheart

Hey Sweetheart! (Spain)
Dir. Sonia Méndez
7 mins

A woman is walking on the street. A man is following and pestering her.  


*Crowman (Dundee)
Dir. Duncan Nicoll
15 mins

A dark rite of passage story set in a dying rural landscape where survival is a struggle and contact with the locals leads only to conflict and brutality.

A Slice of Life

A Slice of Life (USA)
Dir. Phillip G Carroll Jr
4 mins

On the night of Amy's birthday, Todd's relationship comes to its inevitable conclusion.  


*Creeling (UK)
Dir. Sam Firth
14 mins

A fourteen year old girl from a small highland community has a crush on a local lobster fisherman.

Self Storage

Self Storage (Spain)
Dir. Gaizka Urresti
16 mins

Javier visits a self-storage space where he's just discovered his parents kept furniture from their family home. Amongst the abandonned belongings Javier discovers a handwritten letter from his mother. 


Cast & Crew Screening 3pm

Sidney & Friends

Sidney & Friends
Dir. Tristan Aitchison
90 mins

Sidney grew up in rural western Kenya. He didn’t like wearing skirts or doing chores that girls are traditionally supposed to do, preferring herding cattle and playing football. Sidney was born intersex, but Sidney only knew he was different. Growing up, he found these differences increasingly made him stand out in the community, a source of concern to family members that manifested into chastisement, castigation, and hate. His life changed when he eventually met other intersex and transgender Kenyans. For the first time, Sidney was no longer alone…

Q&A with Director