XpoNorth Digital is a dynamic new programme which offers clients specialist advice on how to progress the digital and technology elements of their business. Rather than focus directly on producing new content, XpoNorth Digital’s main centre of interest will be innovation around the relationship between producer and consumer. This will give clients the tools and capability to carry out faster and more effective Research & Development (R&D)  by engaging more productively with customers and therefore tailoring products and services more closely to their needs.

This new project will work closely with XpoNorth (the year-round network and conference), helping to create new business opportunities by giving clients the tools and knowledge to further develop the digital aspects of their business and better exploit these opportunities.

Each business will be assigned a sector specialist with relevant experience in this field as well as having access to a year-round series of workshops, 1-2-1 sessions and specialist seminars.

We will also shortly be announcing details of an exciting new custom designed dashboard to support businesses to gain a stronger picture of their digital presence and develop new strategies with support from a range of specialists. 

XpoNorth Digital is open to anyone living in the Highland Council Area. To find out about how XpoNorth Digital can help your business, please see our Sector Support Programmes and select Digital and Technology.