Amy Wilson

XNTV 2015 Amy Wilson

Mon 1 Jun 2015


My name is Amy Wilson and I am a music business student at Perth UHI. I have worked in various sectors of the industry including marketing, promotions and artist management. Over this past year I have become increasingly more intrigued by the radio industry.

I was recently part of a team that set up a student radio station at Perth College. I found this experience highly rewarding and this encouraged me to continue building on my radio work. I love experiencing and working within different sectors of the music industry; however, I would have to pick radio as the one I have been most engrossed in as I have a real passion for discovering new music.

I enjoy finding independent artists that I can relate to through their music. Having a varied music taste has contributed a lot to this passion as it means there is so much more that can influence and have an impact on me. In the future I would like to figure out what I want to do with my future (no, seriously). In the meantime I am quite happy to continue working hard on projects that I love and see where life takes me.

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