Bibi Boehme

XNTV 2015 Bibi Boehme

Mon 1 Jun 2015


Hi there,

I’m Bibi – a student fresh from Glasgow Uni where I did a degree in Music and Psychology, and am currently doing a masters course in Popular Music Studies.

My friends would probably describe me as a bit of a musician-turned-polymath who has worked as a waitress, music practitioner, nanny, travelled several parts of the world, done lots of different things and is generally outgoing and full of energy, with a passion for music and radio.

As a classically trained pianist with thirteen years of performance experience – from putting on my own ‘pretend radio shows’ as a five year old through to living, studying and working in Glasgow, a hub of all things creative and well-known for its flourishing cultural life – my heart is in the Creative Industries really.

Though I’m most certain that my future will be within the field, however I am still very much open to different possibilities and pathways, always trying to keep an open mind. Maybe it is about time to dig out that childhood fad I had put on ice for a while and consider a career in radio and broadcasting.

So I’m really looking forward to this exciting opportunity here at XpoNorth Live! And ready to get stuck into it!

Find out how Bibi got on during her time at XpoNorthLive!