Daria Jaszcz

XNTV 2015 Daria Jaszcz

Mon 1 Jun 2015


Daria Jaszcz (dah-ree-ah yah-sh-titch) noun A self described ‘good music enthusiast’ and wanna-be ‘big shot’.

Unfortunately I do lack that sexy Eastern European accent through growing up in Scotland, sorry. I have a vested interest within both the radio world and music industry through dabbling with various community and student radio stations. I’m an occasional music blogger, fairly regular gig attender and full time local Scottish Music Scene Supporter.

This year I’ve found myself involved with XpoNorth Live as I want to immerse myself with fellow like minded people who share a passion for all things creative, but particularly music.

I’m a current Media and Communications student who admittedly spends more time hanging around outside music venues late at night trying to interview musicians than in lectures.

Essentially for what I don’t make up in technical skills, I will make up for in height.

Here's how Daria progressed after her XpoNorthLive! experience.