Debs Lilley

XNTV 2015 Debs Lilley

Mon 1 Jun 2015


People say I’m a star and I’m a very creative person.

I do lot of creative writing, dancing and performances. I write down my dreams into stories, and I’d love to put them altogether and publish them one day. I also like writing about music artists. I’m not a part of a dance class at the moment but I do love dancing on the Just DanceWii.

I just passed my NC in acting and theatre performance with Out of the Darkness Theatre Company (ODTC) in Elgin. I also love working with children and I go to Kings Fellowship church, where I teach them about God and play games with them.

The big dream is to become a radio broadcaster. It’s my dream because I like listening to BBC Radio 1, I like researching and I love interviewing different kinds of people and music bands. One of my favourite bands is Walk off the earth. They are very creative as their music video ‘Rule the World’ was all filmed on a 360 degree camera, and included contemporary dance, colourful smoke, and a lot of clever editing. They think out of the box and all play many different instruments.

I’d love to stay a part of the creative industries.

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