Fiona Duncan

XNTV 2015 Fiona Duncan

Wed 17 Jun 2015


Three days after the end of XpoNorth Live! and the experience is just beginning to sink in. Words to describe it – intense, invigorating, slightly mad, stimulating, frenzied chaos (at times), hard, great fun, a sense of achievement, rewarding, intriguing and more… But perhaps over and above everything else, I feel an enormous sense of privilege.

Fiona interview

Opportunities like this are rare; to have the undivided attention of four consummate professionals at the top of their game; for them to give up two weeks of their time to support, teach and encourage newbies like us; for all of that to happen in an environment which is quasi-professional; and to culminate in three days of live broadcasting is absolute gold dust. On top of this for the guys from Dabster to do so with such good humour and be continuously enthusiastic even when things go slightly awry – well it was all pretty special.

A phenomenal experience all round

Fiona Duncan

The two weeks was hard on many levels but sometimes it’s the toughest things that stay with you and end up being the most rewarding. I’ve learnt a lot, and not all of it directly related to radio. The next step is simply putting that into practice.
So a huge thanks guys – to everyone from Dabster, to the rest of the radio gang for being such good company, and to Amanda and the rest of the team from XpoNorth for making it happen. A phenomenal experience all round.


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