Lou Wylie

XNTV 2015 Lou Wylie

Mon 1 Jun 2015


I may be an old bird – but I’m as keen as a spring chicken.

I’ve enjoyed three major careers – a physical education teacher followed by a OYC at London School of Contemporary Dance, followed by a post-graduate in retail at Harrods, being a store manager for Top Shop and finally in international event management and marketing.

When my family flew the nest and having retired from owning a self-employment consultancy, I decided it was time for myself.

Attending previous goNORTH festivals gave me the opportunity to explore the world of screen and broadcast through various workshops and seminars. This much enjoyable experience resulted in my joining the writing team of Katie Morag and ultimately gave me the opportunity to write an episode on the first series.

I consequently won a Shed Media scholarship to study screen writing at Glasgow Caledonian University and graduated in 2014 with an MA in TV Fiction Writing. I wrote a blog for the Glasgow Herald about being the oldest student in town! Currently I have a book being published by Birlinn Ltd. I am currently on a short radio course offered by XpoNorth.

I think I am a late developer. Age should not be a barrier in anything you want to do.

Bring it on!