Rhiannon Dewar

XNTV 2015 Rhiannon Dewar

Mon 1 Jun 2015


Hey! I’m Rhiannon D. and I am a young artist based in Dumfries and Galloway who has a spoon in a hole bunch of pots. Artistically I am an active member of the Riot Grrrl community; a DIY group who focus on feminism, self love and being a good-ish person.

I create ‘zines, books, write poetry and paint a range of different subjects from the human body to comic strips about a ghost with an existential crisis. I have been told my work is an acquired taste but man is the taste good (you can find my work on Facebook).

For a pastime – can’t beat a bit of Tumblr, you know, just reblogging a couple of things, for three hours, per day, I can totally stop any time I want. And there’s my collection of baby cacti. Or there’s always informing people about the wonders of sex-ed and how neat the human body is. What 21 year old doesn’t find that fun?

First becoming interested in radio work though the Dumfries Music Conference, where I was given a half an hour segment on women in the music industry, I saw my chance to do what I do best: talk about junk I like.

Stay nifty and be nice to worms.


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