XNTV 2015 Live Sessions

Tue 9 Jun 2015


Over sixty bands performed at the XpoNorth festival, here's a selection of those who came into the studio for an acoustic session. In Part Two and Part Three you'll find performances from JR Green, Foreign Fox, Huxtable and many more.

Finn LeMarinel

Finn LeMarinel is a 26 year old singer/songwriter based in Glasgow. He writes intricate songs using unique guitar techniques intertwined with dark nuanced lyrics.


Bloodlines are big riffs, mathy quiet moments and a vocal that wouldn't sound out of place in a stadium-filling rock band.

Best Girl Athlete

Best Girl Athlete, aka 16 year old Katie Buchan, exudes a confidence and song-writing talent beyond her years. This will both impress and mesmerise.

Catholic Action

Catholic Action are a four piece that write immensely enjoyable pop songs, transitioning from tender moments of introspection to more strident elements effortlessly.

Christopffer Wadensten

Christopffer aka Meadows Ever Bleeding isn't shy of playing a small venue like the Market Bar or someone's front room, no matter his popularity at home in Sweden.

Hector Bizerk

Hector Bizerk's live show is something of a cultural phenomenon combining front-man Louie's razor sharp poetry with the incredible tribal rhythms of Audrey Tait and grooving funk bass lines of Fraser Sneddon.

Bella and the Bear

Almost forcibly introduced to the XpoNorth Live! stage by Hector Bizerk, we expect great things from this two piece from Ayr.