XNTV 2015 Live Sessions Part Two

Fri 19 Jun 2015


Over sixty bands performed at the XpoNorth festival, here’s a selection of those who came into the studio for an acoustic session. In Part One and Part Three you’ll find sessions from Hector Bizerk, Josephine Sillars, LeThug, Finn LeMarinel and many more.

The Great Albatross

The Great Albatross are a transatlantic-indie/folk project from Glasgow via California.


The latest two piece taking the music scene by storm with their razor sharp riffs and hard hitting beats, this pair are leaving gig revellers speechless not quite believing what they just witnessed.

Foreign Fox

A blend of melancholic, explosive post-rock with that brutal Scottish honesty interwoven throughout every lyric.

The Bongo Club

This band just knows how to write tunes with great hooks, deadly melodies and a really tight beat – what they don’t know is how to save any energy at all when on a stage.

Ded Rabbit

Ded Rabbit are an Indie/Alternative band consisting of four brothers Eugene, Fergus, Donal and Eoin Gaine.

Broken Boy

Blending the best elements of bands such as Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes, Broken Boy are a three piece band with a positive and powerful indie vibe. “the three-piece indie outfit that’s set to take the music world by storm” – Gigwise

Yuko Yuko

Yuko Yuko is the Dutch nostalgic-psychpop solo-project of Elias Elgersma.