Daria Jaszcz

Daria Jaszcz

Wed 17 Jun 2015 / XpoNorth Live


XpoNorth Live: Two weeks of intense planning, prepping, production and hot beverage consuming. Being involved with XpoNorth Live! this year was a fantastic experience as it introduced me to the "professional" world of radio, something that seemed out my grasp and far from my comfort of student radio shenanigans.

Daria and Fiona live

Working with the brilliant team at Dabster who have been there, and already do that within the industry has really re-inspired me back into radio. There was a defined realness within their teaching and anecdotes that gave a glimpse into what working within the field would be like, something when presented by lecturers you sometimes can't take seriously.

Daria live!

I learned that your creativity can be endless and I definitely learned that within the creative industries there are no limits: if you're given ten minutes to source a pair of Bongos for a live show, you CAN magically make them appear out of thin air. Overall, I learned how to be far more professional, the importance of forward planning, keeping my cool under pressure and being ready to expect the unexpected all within a live show context. Can I do it all again?


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