EXCITE 2016 Open For Applications

EXCITE 2016 Open For Applications

Fri 11 Dec 2015 / Opportunities


XpoNorth Music are now accepting applications for next year’s EXCITE programme.

EXCITE is a collaborative project featuring partner organisations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany. The programme was established in 2009 with the initial ambition of supporting young artists to develop showcase opportunities outside their domestic markets.

The project has since developed into a more coherent network, attracting a broader range of partners and a wider portfolio of opportunities.

Following the initial application process, a total of three acts from the Highlands and Islands will be presented to partners, with successful artists securing a range of opportunities across mainland Europe and Scandinavia. Partner festivals include XpoNorth, SPOT Festival (Denmark), Sørveiv Festival (Norway), Dockville Festival (Germany), Live at Heart (Sweden), Freeze Festival (the Netherlands) and PLAY Festival (Belgium).

At least three opportunities will be offered to young talent from the Highlands and Islands, with each campaign including additional live opportunities, industry showcases and supporting media commitments. 

For further information and application details, please email Alex Smith.

Deadline for applications is Friday 29th January 2016.