Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham

Wed 17 Jun 2015 / XpoNorth Live


Hello there, Mark here with the tasking of trying to capture those two incredible two weeks as a radio trainee for XpoNorth Live!

The days prior to our three day broadcast were by no means the easiest. Every early morning rise was met with a reminder of the real reality and responsibility of us as radio trainees to put in the effort to learn as much as we possibly could in order to produce and present the best type of radio that we were capable of.

Mark Jones

These days were long but always thoroughly enjoyed largely due to the engaging but effective teaching style of the Dabster team. These skills: creating features, editing audio packages, mastering our call sheets as well as writing out our running orders and scripts are simply an absolute necessity and have very much began to balance my enthusiasm and urge to make great radio.

However, aside from these skills, everyone at Dabster Productions made a considerable impression on us as trainees and I’ll very much be taking away with me from Inverness the importance of having such a balanced team. The team throughout the two weeks were happy to provide at every possible and appropriate moment the vital feedback. With this we as trainees could really which to improve ourselves with and I had many things to think about on the way back to Glasgow.

I'll be taking away with me the importance of having such a balanced team

Mark Cunningham

For the three day broadcast in BlackFriars, everyone’s excitement was of course married with a little bit of nerves but as strong as those feelings were so was our own trainee support for one and other – with everyone cheering after every link made during those three days.

What was really apparent and pleasing during the three day broadcast was just how every trainee was demonstrating in their own way, the real fluid and versatile nature of radio. For instance, Daria in charge with her numerous live sessions, Fiona’s engaging interview style, Debs and her entertaining features were a favourite of mine. Rhiannon brought her unique style of presenting as a genuine artist which set her apart from the other trainees and the dynamic duo of BiBi and Amy showing to the rest of us what a true partnership looks like.

Mark and Lou

I of course leave to last to highlight my own fellow mischief maker, Louise or as you will perhaps be introduced to down below as, “Nana Lou.” She really does have it all: great questioning, confidence in character comedy and of course the wisdom and experience both of which in much abundance – thank you so much again Nana Lou for being the perfect co-host.

Louise and I did our three shows together in which we had several interviews including Ronnie Browne and Wall of Sound’s Mark Jones. We had a total of five sessions including three on our packed Thursday show along with our own pre-recorded packages that all had the premise of trying to capture the interesting but sometimes less exposed aspects of the festival.


This whole radio and festival experience was something that I am so pleased just to be a little part of it and I will certainly be listening in next year to here another three days of great radio.

Here's what Mark said at the start of the XpoNorth Live! course.