MG ALBA support to attend Celtic Media Festival

MG ALBA support to attend Celtic Media Festival

Thu 3 Mar 2016 / Opportunities


MG ALBA is offering support to current and aspiring Gaelic media industry professionals in order to attend this year’s Celtic Media Festival taking place in Dungarvan, Waterford on 20th - 22nd April 2016.

• The individual is between 18–30 years of age;
• The individual is a student intending to pursue a career in Gaelic screen media;  or
• The individual is looking to pursue a career in Gaelic media or already works with an independent production company, or as a freelancer, in the making of Gaelic programmes for BBC ALBA 

• Registration for the Celtic Media Festival 2016
• Accommodation on 21, 22 and 23 April
• Grant of £100 towards travel and subsistence (if travel comes to more than this, MG ALBA will reimburse on production of receipts)

To make an application please contact Eileen Green at MG ALBA here, to obtain a copy of the application form, complete and submit it by 5pm 4th March 2016. 

In the event of more applications being received than there are places, priority will be given to applications demonstrating a strong case for useful networking and professional development.