Moray Game Jam 2015 - The Winner Is...

Moray Game Jam 2015 - The Winner Is...

Fri 27 Mar 2015 / News


It may be over for another year but the buzz it created is still feverish. Forty-eight hours, eleven entrants to the video game category, three for the traditional board game category and lots of pizza to go round.  We had some returning Moray Game Jam veterans but a lot of new teams and a solo entrant!  In fact it was the solo entrant – Corrie Green - who stole first place in the video games category with his simple but slick Absorb, described as a survival-based game in which geometric shapes do battle.  Runners up were returning Abertay University team Ramen Soft with Nightwatch. 

Read Scottish Games Network founder and Moray Game Jam judge Brian Baglow’s blog as it kicked off on Friday 20th March.  Read the full press release here.

More pictures on the Twitter feed and facebook page.