Online Self-Publishing And Marketing Courses

Online Self-Publishing And Marketing Courses

Wed 16 Nov 2016 / Training & Workshops


Apply for a place on our online self-publishing and marketing courses.

Emergents Writers, XpoNorth's Writing and Publishing network, is collaborating with indie author and consultant, Ben Galley to offer self-publishing and marketing courses that will guide you through every step of Ben’s DIY Shelf Help method.

The courses are hosted on Ruzuku, which are easy to follow from PC, tablet, or mobile. They include short videos, all sorts of diagrams, statistics, and downloadables, and by the end of it, you will know exactly how to go about publishing and marketing your book.

The DIY way is all about being entrepreneurial and taking matters into your own hands. By using the best technology and outsourcing tasks like cover design to professionals, authors can retain maximum control and receive a higher royalty rate. That’s what Ben’s courses are designed to teach you.

Both courses are available to pick up and follow on a timescale that suits you. To find out more and apply visit the Emergents website