XpoNorth Live! Needs TV Trainees - New Deadline

XpoNorth Live! Needs TV Trainees - New Deadline

Tue 17 May 2016 / Opportunities


Production Team: Monday 30th May – Friday 10th June 2016

Craft Team: Monday 6th June – Friday 10th June 2016


Want to work in TV?  XpoNorth Live! is the online TV channel showcasing the best of the chat, craic, music and talent from XpoNorth, Scotland’s premier Creative Industries Festival.  We have places for 17 enthusiastic trainees to learn the ropes in a 2 hands-on TV Production and Craft course in Inverness in June 2016, culminating in 3 days of live broadcasting from the festival. You’ll learn all the behind-the scenes skills you need to produce your own TV chat show.  You’ll also get the chance to network with commissioners, employers and freelancers currently at the top of the TV and digital broadcast industry in Scotland and beyond.

We have two parts to the training, which we are looking for separate teams of trainees:

Production Team (2 weeks’ training)
Training 30th May – Friday 10th June

  • 6 x Researchers
  • 2 x Production Coordinators

Craft Team (1 week’s training)
Monday 6th June – Friday 10th June

  • 4 x Camera Operators
  • 1 x Shadow Director
  • 1 x Sound Recordist
  • 1 x Editor
  • 1 x Floor Manager
  • 1 x Data Wrangler


We are looking for 8 trainees to work in pre-production in our live television station: 6 Researchers and 2 Production Coordinators.

Our team of skilled TV professionals have years of experience working for the BBC and in independent production companies. They will share their expertise with you and by the end of the training you will have a terrific grounding in many areas including:

  • Research Skills
  • TV Script writing 
  • Preparing a brief and briefing a presenter
  • Programming and scheduling
  • Managing talent
  • Live music session recording 
  • Technical operations
  • Digital Editing
  • Re-versioning content for web and social media 
  • Working with crews 
  • Compliance, copyright and legal reporting


We are looking for a full complement of crew to work on producing our live television across three days of the festival plus prep and derig/debrief:  4x Camera Operators, 1 x Shadow Director, 1 x Sound Recordist, 1 x Editor, 1 x Floor Manager, 1 x Art Department Assistant.  All roles will learn the dos and don’ts of working on a live show with direction from the gallery.  We have a team of industry professionals who will guide you through this exciting opportunity.


Monday 30th May – Saturday 4th June >>> Production Team Training in Inverness | 9am – 6pm daily with some evening working required.  

Sunday 5th June - Day Off

Monday 6th June - Craft Team start | Studio Recce and Set Up, Technical Rehearsal, Final Preparations

Tuesday 7th June - Set up live studio, XpoNorth Live! on air.

Wednesday 8h – Thursday 9th June - Broadcasting throughout the XpoNorth Festival

Friday 10th June - Final re-versioning, assessments and de-rig, Clear up, Finish assessments, Wrap Party.


The Training will take place at an Inverness venue. Working days during training will be 9am - 6pm with some evening assignments.  During the second week and festival working hours are likely to be longer, including evenings dictated by the nature of the content. 

All material will be the copyright of XpoNorth and will be used for the promotion and development of XpoNorth. Any use outwith this should be agreed in writing in advance. We are recording all content for our XpoNorth channel with additional documentary units doing interviews for promotion. By accepting a place on the course you agree to be part of this too. 

The cost of offering each place is over £2000 but trainees get to do the course free of charge.  In return we expect you to give it your all to make the most of this fantastic opportunity. Be prepared too, to submit content contributions to our XpoNorth & ScreenHI websites and to sign up to our newsletters –xponorth.co.uk


We will try to accommodate participants living outwith the Inverness environs, though this is funding dependent.  All offers of accommodation will be negotiated on offer of place as a Trainee.


  • Travel to Inverness
  • Meals and out-of-pocket expenses.


We want enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who are willing to give this 100% commitment. You need to be available full time from 9am, Monday 30th May to Friday 10th June for Production and from midday on Monday 6the June to Friday 10th June for Craft.  Please understand that if you have onerous personal commitments during this period we will not be able to offer you a place.  Please do not expect to have much of a personal life during this course!


Both PRODUCTION and CRAFT Placements:

Please send us:

  • your current and relevant CV;
  • a statement as to why you’d like to take up this opportunity.

Production Team Only:

  • An idea and short brief for a 6 - 8 minute chat show item on a theme relating to any aspect of the creative industries: animation, fashion, design, film, music, architecture; whatever you think will entertain!  In no more than one A4 page, outline the item idea in a paragraph or two, name of your ideal guest, (or guests) and some proposed interview questions for the presenter to ask. Your item may be a one-to-one interview, or a discussion involving 2 or 3 guests.

Please note that we do not expect you to have any previous TV experience. We want you to demonstrate a sense of curiosity (an essential quality in a researcher) and an understanding of the need to focus a broadcast interview or discussion into a topic area or areas. 

Send your two (CRAFT) or three (PRODUCTION) items of information to XpoNorth Screen & Broadcast – for the attention of Amanda Millen at amandamillen@xponorth.co.uk. Please ensure all documents are either Word, Excel or pdf.

Deadline for receipt of applications is  Sunday 15th  May ****This has been extended to Wednesday 18th May lunchtime****

Interviews will take place by Skype or phone 18th-20th May

You will be informed if you have a place by Friday 20th May.