Privacy and Data Protection

Cyber Security

Any personal information, like email address, telephone number, postal address or other details disclosed through dealings between XpoNorth and yourself will remain completely private at all times. XpoNorth will always ensure that your Data is never used for any other purpose than to send communications that you have already opted into receiving. XpoNorth’s Cyber Security Policy is in strict alignment with new GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations. We will not store or print any sensitive materials, however, where this is unavoidable, all such materials will be destroyed as soon as the requirement for their use is complete. All physical documentation regarding XpoNorth is stored in an area of the building (Ironworks Venue) which is is only accessible by core members of the team and locked whenever a core member of the team is not onsite. We ensure that wherever possible, no physical materials are printed or stored, however, where this is necessary, any physical documentation or communications are destroyed as soon as the requirement to hold this information has expired. All planning areas are only accessible by key members of the XpoNorth delivery team.


When you sign up for our newsletters, you can be assured that your email address will not be shared, sold, exposed or used in any way other than for XpoNorth to send you updates on news and developments you have already subscribed to receive. Once again, XpoNorth’s policy on Cyber Security is in complete compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations.