XpoNorth Submissions Rules & Regulations | Music

When you make a music submission to XpoNorth you must agree to our rules and regulations laid out below:

Your material

You have enough material to play a set of 30 minutes. The music you submit for this opportunity is wholly original compositions, the material is your own work, you own all of the rights and have full permission to make this application. We are entitled to disqualify any submission we believe has been copied from elsewhere or in any way violates the rights of any third party.


By submitting to XpoNorth you are accepting that you must be available on either the 3rd or 4th of July 2019 in Inverness to perform in-person to a public audience.


  • You confirm that you have full authorisation to grant XpoNorth permission to host the performance.
  • If you are selected to showcase, you agree to allow XpoNorth the right to use the image you submitted and links to your online profiles to promote your performance. This information will also be used on our website and printed festival programme.
  • If you are accepted to showcase you will automatically be put forward for consideration to perform on the XpoNorth stage at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival.
  • You agree to allow XpoNorth to share your material with partner festivals in order to be considered for associated opportunities in the UK and internationally.
  • All submissions are shared with a panel of industry professionals to establish the final list of acts invited to showcase. By completing this application you are granting XpoNorth permission to share the links to your online profiles with our selection panel to establish the final list of acts invited to showcase.
  • If you are selected you will receive a fee for your performance.

Third-party links

Please ensure that the links you submit are working and all information is correct at the time of making the application. If for any reason you are unable to provide links to your material, please email us.

Closing date for applications

The application process will close at midnight on Monday 8th April 2019. Please note, we are unable to consider applications made after the submission window closes.


All applicants will be notified before Friday 20th April 2019 if their submission has been successful.

Please also note that the details you provide will be shared with our funders - Highlands and Islands Enterprise. These details will never be shared with, or exposed to, any other parties and will only be used for the purposes of strictly confidential reporting procedures. 

If you are experiencing any issues with this process or would like to discuss any aspects of these terms and conditions, please email us. Please read our Privacy and Data Protection Policy for further information.

Cyber Security

Any personal information, like email address, telephone number, postal address or other details disclosed through dealings between XpoNorth and yourself will remain completely private at all times. XpoNorth will always ensure that your data is never used for any other purpose than to send communications that you have already opted into receiving.

XpoNorth’s Cyber Security Policy is in strict alignment with new GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations. We will not store or print any sensitive materials, however, where this is unavoidable, all such materials will be destroyed as soon as the requirement for their use is complete. All physical documentation regarding XpoNorth is stored in an area of the building (Ironworks Venue) which is is only accessible by core members of the team and locked whenever a core member of the team is not onsite. We ensure that wherever possible, no physical materials are printed or stored, however, where this is necessary, any physical documentation or communications are destroyed as soon as the requirement to hold this information has expired. All planning areas are only accessible by key members of the XpoNorth delivery team.