XpoNorth Submissions Rules & Regulations | Writers' Pitch to Publishers

When you make a Writer's Pitch to Publishers submission to XpoNorth you must agree to our rules and regulations laid out below:


  1. The term ‘work’ means in this instance a body of writing intended for publication
  2. XpoNorth full name is XpoNorth Creative Industries Festival
  3. Dates for XpoNorth 2017, which takes place in Inverness, are from Wednesday 7th June to Thursday 8th June 2017

Writers' Pitch to Publishers Submission Criteria


XpoNorth 2017 is open to submission of previously unpublished work in two, broad categories:

  • Fiction for adults: includes crime (stand alone or series) / for women / general fiction (to include literary fiction)
  • Non-fiction for adults: includes narrative (to include travel, nature writing and memoir) / non-narrative (to include cookery, self help and humour)


You must meet the following criteria in order to submit your work to XpoNorth 2017:

  • Any work submitted must be complete or substantially complete in draft
  • By submitting work to XpoNorth 2017 you are certifying that the material submitted is your own work and that you own all of the rights to the work
  • Previously indie-published or self-published work can be accepted as unpublished work in the process as long as all other criteria for submissions are met
  • All copyright holders for the work agree to allow XpoNorth to use a maximum of 20% of the material in advertising and publicity without compromising or giving away the story/plot
  • All copyright holders for the work agree to allow XpoNorth to present your material at any XpoNorth events held outwith the festival in June 2017
  • By submitting to XpoNorth 2017 you are accepting that you must be available on either the 7th or 8th June 2017 in Inverness to complete the pitch in-person before a panel of publishers and agents, this will be a public event with an audience
  • By submitting to XpoNorth 2017 you are accepting that we will use your likeness and/or promotional images in our publicity online, in communications, and in recorded media
  • Authors submitting picture books will have the opportunity to use AV during their pitch but please do not submit large resolution files in this submission process
  • Submitted work must be in English language

Required material for submission

You must prepare and submit the following material in order to apply to XpoNorth 2017:

  • Biography (max 50 words)
  • 1 page cover letter, in PDF format. The file must include your name and nature of the file in the filename (e.g. JBloggs-CoverLetter)
  • 1 page synopsis, in PDF format. The file must include your name and nature of the file in the filename (e.g. JBloggs-Synopsis)
  • Extract, the first 50 pages (in PDF format). The file must include your name and title of the work in the filename (e.g. JBloggs-TheTitle)

Sending in your entry

  • You must complete an online submission form in order to be considered for XpoNorth 2017. Your work will not be accepted if do not complete a submission form
  • There is no fee to submit your work
  • The online submission form must be completed and the work uploaded by the current closing date stated on the XpoNorth website.  We will not accept entries after this date
  • If in special circumstances you cannot upload your work by the closing date please get in touch at info@xponorth.co.uk to discuss options


  • Before any decisions are made please note that all submitted works are considered by members of the XpoNorth programming team as well as the Programming Director
  • The primary contact listed in your submission form will be contacted about the status of your entry.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by end of play on 19th May
  • We will not contact unsuccessful submissions and we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. If you are unsuccessful we are sorry we could not include you work this time, however please do try again next year.