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Training XpoNorth 2017

XpoNorth offers all-comers a raft of hands-on free training to anyone serious about pursuing a career in television, film, music, design, writing, games development, social media and more.

There are a selection of free-to-access workshops on offer at XpoNorth. The workshops have limited numbers so would-be participants are encouraged to sign up promptly to take advantage of being up close and personal with industry insiders.


XpoNorth 2017 Training Workshops (held at Eden Court on both days of the festival):


Lateral North

Training with Lateral North

Prospect North: Exploring geography through community

This workshop is aimed at people: individuals, creative practitioners, people working in community development, local council and government, public agencies concerned with rural development.

Lateral North are a research & design collective based in Glasgow, Scotland who work with community groups, creative professionals and institutions at a local, national and international level. Their projects have looked to redefine Scotland and its relationships with Nordic and Arctic neighbours.

Lateral North’s workshop exercise will take form in two distinct sections. These sessions encourage the participant to project their future ideas and aspirations for the future of the ‘North’.

Engage: Lateral North will use the augmented and virtual reality Prospect North table to showcase a series of exciting community orientated projects throughout the so called ‘periphery’ of Scotland. Projects vary from an innovative and inspiring community boathouse in Tiree through to a community re-branding strategy in Shapinsay. These projects will be used as a stimulus to provoke ideas and future visions regarding the future of ‘northern peripheries’ throughout the Highlands and islands.

Innovate: The second half of the workshop will take form over a large map of the Highlands.  The idea of this workshop is to identify resource and opportunity without the constraints of existing infrastructure and political or geographical challenges. These ideas will be mapped and recorded, gradually building up a tapestry of information.  The ‘festival of ideas’ will then be presented as a coherent vision which in turn will begin to form the basis for a strategic plan for the north.  

This event is open to Registered Attendees only. Registration is OPEN NOW.

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Colour Conversations

Training with Colour Conversations

Colour Conversations: A View into Colour Psychology

Colour impacts on all aspects of our lives and during the presentation and interactive workshop we will show how colour psychology can be used as a valuable tool to enhance every aspect of the performance of a business. Colour psychology uses the concept of colour harmony in four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Using images of the seasonal palettes we will discuss and show examples of each season and how the implementation of colour harmony has a positive impact in product, branding, marketing, uniforms and work place premises.

This event is open to Registered Attendees only. Registration is OPEN NOW.

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Anne Ritchie

Anne Ritchie - Owner, Colour Conversations

Anne has spent her career in the international world of colour, textiles and fashion.   After 25 years of giving trend presentations to Scottish companies she has developed her love and passion for colour into the fascinating study of colour psychology.





Zoe Timmers

Training with Zoe Timmers

How to Build Your Instagram Profile with @zobolondon

Photographer and social media influencer Zoe Timmers (@zobolondon) will discuss how best to build your individual or brand's Instagram feed and how to create an identity and presence that will engage new followers and grow business further. She will talk through all elements of the Instagram app from creating and shooting to editing techniques that will help create a ‘look and feel’ on Instagram and push your social media presence forward to the next level.

This event is open to Registered Attendees only. Registration is OPEN NOW.

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Zoe Timmers

Zoe Timmers - Instagram @zobolondon

Photographer. Content Creator and Social Media Influencer Zoe has worked on commissions for brands like Sony, Jaeger,, Visit Orkney and Visit Faroe Islands. She also produces bespoke Instagram workshops and content for individuals, brands and businesses. As a former documentary TV producer telling stories is what she loves best.





Hit The Ground Running

Hit The Ground Running Course

At XpoNorth 2017

HTGR is an intensive and interactive industry training course for entry-level positions in film & tv drama. The course consists of a comprehensive series of practical exercises designed to equip participants with the knowledge, tools, experience and confidence to help them progress their career. Developed in consultation with freelance practitioners, the course is delivered by industry professionals.

This event is for HTGR Trainees only. The deadline was in May 2017 and has now passed.

To find out about other HTGR courses, events and opportunities - visit the HTGR website.





XpoNorth Live!

XpoNorth Live!

Broadcasting throughout the festival

At our live television station run by industry professionals and XpoNorth Live! Trainees - you can hear your favourite band, meet our partners, and listen to some key insider info from our speakers and delegates.

This event is for XpoNorth Live! Trainees only. The deadline was in May 2017 and has now passed.

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