XpoNorth Live! Archive

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012

There was no way around it, we couldn’t broadcast forever and we finally had to close the doors on the Radio goNORTH marquee.

Whilst the broadcast has come to a close we couldn’t let the party end, so here you’ll find all of the live sessions recorded in Inverness; all of the fly on the wall documentary films shot and cut by Tom Duncan; and the very best of Radio goNORTH’s output over a triumphant three day broadcast.

Producers' Highlights

We did our best, and so did they...

Meet our trainee producers. After two weeks of intensive training in mobile recording, interview techniques, presenting, production, scripting, technical set-up it’s amazing how much they’ve taken onboard. Just think what they were like just two weeks earlier!

The Films

Shot and cut by Tom Duncan – here you will find a day by day diary of our progress in the first week of production plus a five minute highlights package of the live broadcast from Inverness. We might have broken Tom a little with all of our partying, but he firmly back in his edit suite working on a feature length documentary about the whole project, expected September 2012.

Live Sessions

Featuring – The Stagger Rats, Xavia, The Whiskey River Band, Ilona, Washington Irving, Roadway, Grace Weber, Naked Red, James MacKenzie, Iain McLaughlin and much more…


Not only did Radio goNORTH educate, inspire and light a fire underneath the creative kettles of twelve trainee producers – we also had a fantastic time and made some lifelong friends along the way. You’ve got to love what you do, and we think these pictures show just that and much more…

The Packages

One of the facets of being a producer is having the skill to report, document and tell a story. During the first week of training the twelve producers were charged with the task of producing packages or features about Inverness and the local area and people. During the broadcast, they were asked to focus on the goNORTH festival itself – here you’ll find the very best of these packages that went out on air.