Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Films

Shot and cut by Tom Duncan – here you will find a day by day diary of our progress in the first week of production plus a five minute highlights package of the live broadcast from Inverness.

Our first look at the trainees, not only thrust into a high pressure training environment but the cameras turned up the heat in the office.

Day One in the Radio goNORTH production offices, and the trainees are hands on with the kit and instantly making packages for broadcast.

On the second day the message was clear – we picked you, we wanted you, so be yourselves and let your creativity and imagination come out.

Time to let the trainees out into the wild. Emma led the charge with a great package on the buskers of Inverness, leading to a professional recording.

Approaching the end of the first week the intensity of the training was unrelenting. It was time to get hands on with the broadcast desk and learn how to be a presenter.

Who better to learn from than a man who has seen, heard and done it all before. Jeff Zycinski, Head of Radio at BBC Scotland gave up his time to share some of his tips and experiences with the trainees.