Aileen Elder

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Aileen Elder

During my first day at Radio goNORTH I was asked by Richard Melvin to go and get batteries (8x AA as I can remember) this task proved to be more difficult than I first anticipated. Unknown to me the Ironworks automatic doors where locked and I sadly walked right into the door assuming it was open.

The rest of my two weeks followed the same pattern; difficult but funny tasks, that where always achieved in the end.

My goNORTH highlights:

On Wednesday 30th of may – this was a highlight as myself and Emma took to the streets of Inverness to for fill our mission of finding Inverness’s best busker, our mission consisted of finding three buskers and making the participate in our ‘Buskers Challenge’. This is where we gave all three buskers one hour to make as much money as they could and whoever made the most could record a session with Dabster productions. This gave Emma and I the chance to put our presenting, recording and editing skills to the test as we had to come up with a five minute package about our buskers and also about the public of Inverness’s view on there local busking scene.

On Friday the 1st of June – on Friday we all got our partners, in which we where to work with for our Radio goNORTH live programs. I was lucky enough to get Dan Smith, we where both the youngest presenters on the course and we worked amazingly well together. We got to work straight away and had one of our feature packages done by 5 o’clock

On Saturday the 2nd of June – Dan and I had started to get guests lined up for our live show on Tuesday – this made me feel really important as I was able to phone up bands and have them organised to be with us for a certain time. We also went into town to find out if people our own age knew anything about the goNORTH festival and we made that into our second package for our show.

On Monday the 4th of June – now this part was hectic, as we had to make another package with the film producer Tom Duncan and we had to have everything in the one place such as all our packages and our playlists we had to write a script and have a running order all set for the next day. But we managed … we always do!

On Tuesday the 5th of June- this is when we went live for the first time but we had no guests. It was daunting enough without them

On Wednesday the 6th of June – now today we had two live bands in we had Naked Red, and Washington Irving (which I am a big fan of) it was amazing interviewing folk live on the radio we also had great fun doing so and where a lot more relaxed.

On Thursday the 7th of June – now this is where we had reached our climax in my opinion. On Thursday we had three guests in; John Robb, Ilona and Cleavers. The hour went so fast, and I’m almost gutted (like a fish) that it’s all over.

Would just like to end on a happy note, with a great thanks to: Richard Melvin, Scott Shaw, Al Lorraine, and Sean Kerwin – for helping us these past two weeks and teaching us all they know

Amanda Millen at ScreenHI for organising it all

And to all the funders for making this fab two weeks possible.