Aimee Hinds

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Aimee Hinds

Well what an amazing two weeks it’s been. It’s been challenging, rewarding and a fantastic experience overall. When I first arrived I didn’t really know what to expect, but if you are taking part next year. Expect this: Fun, intense training; many nights out; introductions to some fantastic live music and amazing contacts.

The highlights of my stay here has got to be meeting many unsigned acts, especially The Stagger Rats, they were just amazing and great to interview. I really loved working with Freyja on our live show. We worked amazing as a team and our shows were so much fun. I loved bringing in live bands and have them playing a live session on the radio. The tent in the gardens of the BBC was buzzing, the atmosphere was epic and I loved every second of it.

Getting to work alongside industry professionals was a real treat and it has taught me so much and made me realise that I am well suited to this industry. The greatest achievement of all was my compliment from Jeff Zycinski who said I had potential and sounded great on the radio; I was very natural and brought good humour to our show. Something else amazing happened too, I met the owner of Capital FM Stuart Barry and he would like me to go into his offices for a chat, amazeballs.

Overall an amazing experience and I loved every second of it…you would be mad to give this all up if you are giving the opportunity. A big thank you to Richard Melvin, Al Lorraine, Sean Kerwin and Scott Shaw for their help and guidance…you have been amazing guys. A big special thank you to Amanda Millen too who made this experience possible.

Love you all, Mwah!