Ali Murray

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Ali Murray

It’s the day after the final day and, outwith a keen interest in community radio, I’m still not exactly sure ‘why’ I signed up for this course four weeks ago.

Psychologically speaking the decision seems an awful long time back and, betwixt and between twelve of us jumping off a cliff into the weird and wonderful world of Dabster Productions and standing in a tent presenting a live radio show, it doesn’t seem important anymore. Time has telescoped into a maze of memories, beginning with slight trepidation at being politely described as looking like a failed rock star. Clearly the pin stripes and powder blue shirt had been left at home for a reason, only not this, and the sensation of unease grew as I was not only introduced to the Apple domain but teleported there forever and instructed to boldly go and produce a finished feature for upload. All of this on day two!

Nonetheless, clinging on tightly and delving deep into the DNA for humankind’s tenacity for change, the journey continued. Remember that amazing train ride in ‘Polar Express’? Well, I’m pretty pleased to say that I’ve just been on it. Exhilarating ecstasy melded with palpable fear, riding up top one moment before hanging on grimly below for dear life the next. I even got to play the bit where the ticket’ slips out of your grasp – when a hard honed playlist was kicked out of touch – only to let it settle back into your palm as you ease back and land, live show completed. If all of this appears daunting, it is, but there’s method in the madness as much confidence was gained in what had been an alien medium of commercial radio. On a serious note, the professionalism and ability of the gunslingers from Dabster cannot be overemphasised. When people at the top of their game spend so much time and effort with beginners there’s inevitably an outcome, and this one in my mind is a number of individuals that have announced potential suitability for future radio activity. This is not an insignificant claim in a sector – like so many creative industries – were the gap between the ground floor and the upper echelons can be immense.

So praise where praise is due here to Dabster Productions and to ScreenHI also; Amanda Millen please take a bow. To sum it all up, the techniques I’ve learned are going to be very useful with my other content hats on, I’ve met some great new friends amongst the learners and practitioners who I know I’ll keep in touch with, and if you want to spend some fulfilling, fun time then be sure to sign up on the dotted line if this course ever heads your way.

Oh, and radio’s brilliant!!