Chris Johnstone

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Chris Johnstone

Turning up at Amanda Millen’s flat on Sunday the 27th to have a little gathering to meet some of the people I was going to be spending the next two weeks working with and also the Dabster Production crew who were going to teach us how to become producers, was a nice way to get to know everyone. It was in a very relaxed and chilled environment so it was easy to chat to everyone getting to know every ones back ground over a few drinks. But the next day was the first day of the two week course, which was quite nerve wracking for the simple fact that I didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what was going to happen on this course.

Richard Melvin, Al Lorraine, Scott Shaw and Sean Kerwin started telling us all about their time in radio which was really interesting and it was also quite interesting getting to know everyone else because we all have one thing in common we’ve all had experience in the music industry one way or another.

We were then thrown into the deep end, by pairing up with someone we’ve only just met and finding out more about them by doing a 1 minute package on them with a 250 word bio.
I was paired up with Roddy Maclean and being typical islanders carried on talking and our packages ended up being 8 minutes long which was annoying to edit but in the end we managed to do it.

On Tuesday we spent all day editing using the software Cubase 5 on the Apple Mac computers, I liked doing because I’ve used Pro Tools 8 which is similar to Cubase and the only problem I had while editing was I hadn’t used Pro Tools for about three years so I was slightly rusty when it came to editing.

On Wednesday we each had to come up with an idea for a five minute package and then the Dabster guys chose six packages to be made for the Radio goNORTH website. My package was going to about the wobbly bridge however is wasn’t picked because there wasn’t really a story for it, it would have just been a couple of facts that you could get on a plaque so I was paired up with Ali Murray for his package ‘Hidden Gems of Inverness’. As we walked around Inverness I recorded Ali as he spoke about the hidden gems and it was really interesting to learn some things about the history of Inverness such as a huge tidal hit were the city is now seven thousand years ago, but for me the highlight of doing that package for me was sprinting across the car park at Inverness football stadium to ask two of the teams players for an interview.

Thursday was a busy day for us because we had a lot of editing to do on our packages and we also had a live set and two guest speakers in talking about their time in radio and they also gave us some useful tips for being a producer which I won’t forget for Uist Radio.

I was paired up with Denni Rose to create three radio shows for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, this was a great learning experience in a lot of ways, from learning how to organising bands to play live on the shows, interviewing them for features on the show to presenting it.