Denni Rose

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Denni Rose

When this opportunity initially came up I jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t? On the morning of day one I felt quite sceptical, 12 people, most with no experience at all, to produce a radio station for 3 days in such a short space of time! It’s going to be difficult I thought to myself, surely we would need months of training, wouldn’t we?

I ate my words. The guys from Dabster Productions running this course, Al Lorraine, Richard Melvin, Scott Shaw and Sean Kerwin were patient, supportive and encouraged us throughout the whole process and by the end of day one I was amazed at what we had already learnt. By day three we were writing scripts, editing, interviewing and organising playlists for our shows that believe it or not we were going to present and produce!

Myself and Stuart Thain, a fellow radio producer trainee started out by contacting bands for interviews standing backstage at the Ironworks in Inverness waiting for them to come of stage for a chat, this was definitely an experience. I was quite nervous to start with but most of the bands were really friendly and actually loved being interviewed, this was great for us as we then had content to put into our shows.

During the process we had a massive surprise as Phil Syme, Thomas Prag and wait for it! The man himself Head of Radio at BBC Scotland Jeff Zycinski came into the Ironworks training room to chat with us and give us some invaluable and priceless advice during the process.

During the whole training course we were stalked, I mean followed about by Tom Duncan with his camera while he made a fly on the wall documentary, something that took a while to get used to especially on a bad hair day.

I was then put in a group with Chris Johnstone another trainee and it was our job to present and produce our 3 one hour shows from a marquee in the BBC grounds in Inverness. We gathered content, organised singers to do live performances and interviews. While Deirdre Murray was on the side lines with a contacts book for potential interviewees as thick as the yellow pages, thanks Deirdre!

We decided to present and produce our own show on day one and produce the shows for day two and three. These were presented perfectly by the legendry John Collins and Jim Gellantly and their acceptance in doing so was greatly appreciated indeed.

During my time at Radio goNORTH I met so many people from fellow trainees, band members and people within the media industry. This additional benefit of the chance to network and build up contacts can only be described as a very positive extra during the whole process.

The guys from Dabster Productions were always on hand and their dedication and passion just influenced and motivated every individual trainee to do their best. Nothing was ever too much of a problem for these guys, they were ace!

All in all it was two weeks very well spent out of my life, and I would highly recommend anyone to grab an opportunity like this with both hands.