Freyja Harris Highlights

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Freyja Harris

Starting the course I was nervous about not living up to the standard I was aiming for, and I wasn’t looking forward to presenting any shows. One of the first tasks we were set was to create a feature in Inverness before the goNORTH festival had kicked off, and Roddy and I were to do a feature on tourism in the city. We decided that we would go around as a team and interview tourists and get them to talk about what brought them to Inverness – a lot found it a tricky question to answer. I was the one presenting the feature and it all went smoothly and we ended up with an entertaining 3 minutes which included having two guys stranded in Inverness on their way home from a tour of the islands in a small plane. I really enjoyed making this feature and was impressed with the end result. It made the idea of creating and co-presenting a live show realistic.

We were put into couples early on in the week to start coming up with ideas and how our show could work. I was coupled with Aimee, which was great because she really can talk. This made everything a lot easier. We were trying to decide how we would work our shows and thought the best way would be to work up to a final show. We also decided that Aimee was the main presenter and I was her co-host. It worked well on air, but Aimee was much happier with less preparation than me.

For the first show we played it safe and had a pre-recorded interview with James MacKenzie who was a very easy interview as he came in the room all “Hey Babes” and jokes. We also used Aimee’s midge feature. For the second show we thought we’d go one better and get a live band to play us a song. However, the day before the show everything seemed to be going wrong and no bands were up for such an early start to get to our show for 10. But thankfully Xavia pulled it together and gave us an exclusive acoustic version of one of their songs and some good chat even if we did get facts wrong.

The morning of the show had also been made quite stressful because the memory stick with all our music had been forgotten which meant we had to compile a new playlist and the script was not longer relevant. I would say that day I learnt the most on how to keep things organized and together. It is satisfying when even though everything is going wrong backstage not everything collapsed on air. Our third show was definitely the best and most exciting. We had been planning an elaborate game involving two bands and face painting, but in the end we had the Stagger Rats come in as our house band and they played four songs across the hour. We also had an interview for the ex-manager from Snow Patrol turn up who had some really good advice for bands and was talking about her new label “We Make Music Happen” who works with connecting brands and bands. By the end of the hour Aimee and I were buzzing from how well the final show had worked out.

I am really pleased with the training course because it was so full on and the expectations were high. At the beginning of the course I was very nervous at the prospect of presenting and having to listen to myself talking especially live on air, but by the end I really enjoyed doing it and it meant that I learnt a lot more. Also I had struggled with researching and writing briefs quickly, but this time I found it a lot easier to do. It has been a lot of fun, rewarding and a busy two weeks.