Roddy Maclean's Highlights

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Roddy Maclean

What a buzz I had on Roddy and Emma’s Highland Buzz Show for Radio goNORTH! Three one-hour programmes of features, fun, and music. It was great to work with Emma Mitchell my co-presenter.

We hit it off straight away and were soon injecting our zany sense of humour into the show–from corny popcorn jokes to pretending sheep had burst into the goNORTH marquee. We even broke into Gaelic song.

One of the highlights of the training programme for me was the input from the guys who led the training, Richard, Scott, Sean, and Al. They got it just right with their blend of humour, challenge and advice. What a great opportunity we had as trainees to get the expertise of some of the best in the business.

When all the trainees met for the first time in the Ironworks that first Monday morning at nine o’clock, we didn’t know each other, didn’t know a great deal about being radio producers, but that was soon to change. We were paired off and sent out into Inverness to carry out our first task–to make a short package on a designated topic.

Freyja Harris, my first goNORTH accomplice, and I went out into the streets of Inverness to seek out foreign visitors to ask them what had attracted them to Inverness and what souvenir of Scotland they would take back home with them.

Not surprisingly, the main attraction was the invisible Loch Ness monster. Strange, how people come from all over the world to see something that has never been seen¬! The other attractions ranged from seal spotting to train journeys through the beautiful Highland scenery. Oh, and the favourite souvenir was, well, I don’t really know. They ranged from a tartan scarf to a glass seal for the person who enjoyed seal-spotting. Mmm?

Freyja and I were well-chuffed when our package received the top score from Richard, nine out of ten.

Next up, we were paired with our partners for the three one-hour programmes we were to make. We decided to call our programme Roddy and Emma’s Highland Buzz Show complete with a jingle incorporating ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’. We wanted the show to buzz and people to make a bee-line for it. We also wanted to give listeners the buzz on goNORTH2012 as well as providing local features on subjects such as buskers on the streets of Inverness and an interview with Norrie Maclennan, the chief news editor of Gaelic radio station Radio nan Gaidheal.

All too soon, Emma and I were doing the final show for Radio goNORTH on Thursday between 3.00-4.00pm. The marquee was buzzing, we were buzzing, and we wanted to make sure the final show ended on a sweet note.

It did. We had James Mackenzie and Iain McLaughlin as our featured artistes with some great songs and there was still more. We kept the best until the last, but not before Jeff Zycinski, Head of BBC Radio Scotland, announced that he wanted to broadcast a one hour compilation of the best from Radio goNORTH. What a buzz!

Emma with her friend Hamish Roberts on guitar played us out with a great rendition of ‘The Midnight Hour’.

That’s all for now folks.