Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 The Producers How They Started

13/06/12 Update!

This is the trainee producers at the beginning of their time at Radio goNORTH. See what they have learned after the course.

They’ve arrived – twelve of the most enthusiastic, interesting and impressive group of trainees that Radio goNORTH could have hoped for. With just one day of guidance and their existing skills base, each production trainee has already made a package that will be broadcast on Radio goNORTH. Our broadcast starts on the 5th of June. Listen to the profile packages they made on the first day of the course below and find out more about the radio producers of the near future.

Aileen Elder
by Alistair Murray

With a voice like an angel and a mission to make people smile Aileen Elder has travelled to Go North by boat and numerous buses all the way from Barra, the jewel of the Hebrides.

Within her island setting an idyllic childhood, gathering seashells and peeking out at Christmas to wait up for Santa, has left Aileen with a genuine love for traditional pleasures. Young, beautiful and ‘tuichy’, this girl has represented Scotland at the Celtic Congress in Oban, sang her way across the Western Isles and Ireland and recently been filmed by BBC Alba performing in Edinburgh.

Earlier this week she held a Ceildih in Inverness at the Green Drive Hall and will also be sharing her talents as a host on Radio Go North. For a taste of what’s to come, imagine traditional and pop music entwined with Elvis and Johnny Cash, layered with loving, personal insights. Aileen says; “I take my sense of place and inspiration from my grandparents and I just love Barra, but if you go there with a bike watch out for silent hybrid cars!”. This week Aileen’s grandparents will be proud as punch, or whatever other spirit roams the Barrach landscape, as one of Gaelic’s rising stars brings her own youthful twist to music and storytelling. This is someone you miss at your peril!

Alistair Murray
by Aileen Elder

Can’t judge a book by its cover.

On a first glance Alistair Murray looks to me (and to most people I’m sure) as a failed rock star; with his left ear pierced, his light denim jeans, followed by very smart shoes – that are so shiny I believe if I were to try I could probably see my face in them.

However things are not all as they seem, and Alistair is not in fact a failed rock star- he doesn’t even play an instrument! Alistair Murray is however a keen author who has a very big affiliation with radio presenting and co-hosts a program known as “Jim and Ali”

Ali has allowed me authorisation to put his world on to paper and what a colourful world it is. For a 53 year old man who is currently living in Thurso Ali is very well travelled he has been to: North Africa where he has escaped (only just) from native tribes, he has found himself standing at a bar in Las Vegas with a bunch of circus folk and Ali use to live in the same house as the Vontrap family in Saltsburg.

I think it’s fair to some up Ali (stair) Murray as …… Great Crack!

Chris Johnstone
by Roddy MacLean

What’s the connection between a rolling golf ball, poor youth facilities in the Isle of Uist and Chris Johnston?

Simple. A film he made with 21cc Studios in London. Chris wanted to let the local Council know that there were few facilities for young people on the island and he and other young people did this through local filmmaker Kevin de la Casa. Subsequently, Chris and his friends were invited to a filmmaking course with young people from Hackney at 21cc Studios.

The rolling golf ball was part of his film. It brought good fortune to those who saw it pass by. Chris was delighted when his work was broadcast on the BBC London network.

Life did not come easy for Chris—bullied at school he left before he sat his Standard Grades and joined a one-year, pre-army course at an Edinburgh College, only to be failed at the last stage on a small health issue. He then studied for an outdoor pursuits qualification but failed the maths component. Undaunted, he applied for a sound engineer’s course at James Watt College, Greenock which he completed recently. His present interests lie in developing Uist Radio which hopes to begin broadcasting by the end of the year.

Denni Rose
by Freyja Harris

Denni Rose is 27 years old and lives in Renfrew not far from Glasgow, although she was born and raised in a village in Stirlingshire named Aberfoyle.

She has a twin sister who is 11 minutes older.

She only started studying radio last year as before that she worked in Anti-social behaviour and also as a post woman at one point but always remained to have a passion for radio and used to write to “your radio” on a regular basis.

Denni’s highlights of the year was interviewing singer/songwriter Horse McDonald for a College documentary and having the opportunity to meet with sculptor Alexander Stoddart.

She plays poker, loves beer and spends most of her spare time at music concerts and eating Spanish food. Her favourite concert’s of all time are seeing Fleetwood Mac and when she went to Manchester to see Tracy Chapman.
Her ideal job would be editing audio and getting paid for it.

Denni is looking forward to spending the summer gaining as much radio experience as she can before beginning university in September. She has 2 cats one called Thunder as in Thundercat and the other is called Dory.

Freyja Harris
by Denni Rose

Freyja Harris is 18 years old, although she was born in Aberdeen she live in a very small Village by the sea called Findhorn just outside Inverness.

She enjoys travelling and has just recently moved back form living Hackney, London for a short spell, She has been to Italy and America and if off again very soon to America to stay for 6 weeks and will also be doing some travelling in Canada.

Her ideal job would be producing radio programmes or working behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly, she has a great passion for music and enjoys learning as much as she can.

Freyja hopes commence a course next year at the Glasgow school of arts to study graphic design and continue her passion for art, she hopes to get better at art in time but feels it’s not a practical career choice for her future.

She enjoys festivals, music and photography, particularly landscape photography, she takes her camera everywhere she goes just in case missed a photo opportunity arises.

Freyja is a vegetarian and has never eaten meat before, but admits that if she was on death row and had to pick her last meal she would try a big burger or a steak just out of curiosity.

Her favourite album this year is by Gill Scott Heron entitled “I’m new here”. She doesn’t have any pets but once I had a guinea pig and kept it under a trampoline in her garden.

Roddy MacLean
by Chris Johnstone

Brought up in Ibrox in the south side of Glasgow Roddy would play football in the car park at Ibrox stadium with his friends. At times the ball would be kicked over the wall and into the stadium grounds and scared, Roddy and his friends would dare each other to see who would be the person brave enough to get the ball back. But who ever it was that had to get the ball managed to get a wee sneaky peak of the stadium out of game hours.

Roddy’s parents were originally form the Isle of Skye in the North West of Scotland and were gealic speakers, so Roddy was brought up speaking gealic. As a child Roddy would travel with his family from Ibrox to Skye in the summer which in doing so made him fall in love with the Island, he also enjoyed working as a farmhand.

Roddy moved to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis were he taught gealic to the Scottish media groups in Lewis Castle College. He also contributed to bbc Radio Nan Gaidheal in the 1980’s and also appeared in gealic television speaking in gealic about different topics such as religion and gealic poetry.
between 2009 and 2011 Roddy entered three films into the Gaelic Film Festival Film G where two out of the three films got a visions award each.

Roddy appeared on Kenny MacIver’s gealic radio program called program choinnich with the history of five Scottish Abby’s from the ranging from Bualy Abby near Inverness to Dear Abby near Aberdeen. The show however is still to be broadcasted.

Roddy wrote a PHD on how Israeli immigrants learnt how to speak Hebrew as a second language, the idea was an aim to help with the teaching methods of gaelic in Scotland. Roddy spent six weeks with an Arab man from Gaza sharing a room at a Hebrew school near Tel Aviv.

In October 2011 Roddy filmed Alister Darling in An Lantaire in Stornoway.

Aimee Hinds
by Stuart Thain

Aimee is 23 years old and currently lives in Paisley, where she has lived all her life. She has been studying Radio for one year at Reid Kerr College. She is involved in Community Radio which she has worked on two nights a week for the past three months and recently got involved in the breakfast show which she does three hours a day, five days a week.

She is interested developing her skills and making new contacts. She DJ’s in various pubs and clubs (which she hopes to do more of) and is involved in many local ‘open mic nights’, where she also sings. She states that she loves being involved in all things to do with the media and is open to doing voluntary work if asked. She does promotion and in her spare time is a self confessed ‘gym freak’!

Previously, she travelled to Greece to stay for three months which she thought was amazing and she has a sister who lives in New York, who she has visited.

Aimee also once randomly dressed up as a zombie to go shopping with a friend.

When asked to describe herself in three words she stated she was fun, honest and out-there!!

Breege Smith
by Emma Mitchell

25 years ago Breege landed on Scottish soil after meeting a Scotsman in a kilt on her travels, she says “It was the kilt that did it!”. From Irish roots to Scottish roots she has been learning how to speak Gaelic in the lovely picturesque town called Oban on the west coast of Scotland.

Her love of gaelic and script writing has pushed her to new limits when she recently won a ‘Most Promising Film Maker Award’ for all the hard work she put in to making a short gaelic film.

Her gift of the gab has landed her a dream radio presenting job, working alongside her husband at Oban Fm, “He chooses the music and I do the talking” From blues to jazz to folk music they have a passion for good original music. I think that’s a marriage made in Heaven.

I can see and hear Breege taking on new heights with her writing and speaking talents, she’s a classy lady with a can do attitude to taking on anything that is thrown at her. Her ideas flow like a script writer with an imagination which can create a river of ideas on stage in no time at all. Breege is hoping to make more films in the near future and become more involved in Radio.

Dan Smith
by Maria Hall

Dan Smith immediately strikes you with his joy for all things new and young and modern.

He speaks enthusiastically of the young DJ scene in the Highlands and his friends ‘Count Clockwork’ 2 Inverness lads who will be Dj-ing at Rockness this year, and how he would love to see young music from the Highlands promoted far and wide. He would ideally like to do a Zane Lowe style radio show featuring music from around Scotland.

He lives with his very artistic family in Tain, Ross-shire. His mother teaches Art in Alness Academy and his father writes scripts for Highland based ‘Arts In Motion’. Dan himself is quite musical, learning piano when he was very young and moving on to guitar and drums.

He has enjoyed some success with his experiments on stop frame animation on youtube, producing a short film called Zombie Lego Attack, using countless lego pieces, a web cam and endless patience, gaining 40,000 hits on that video alone. This has inspired him to get a better camera and do more ‘real time’ short films with his friends, some crazy and improvised and others that he has scripted.

Now he wants to move into Radio and his ultimate dream would be to work on BBC Radio 1… so plenty ambition in his vision of the future. With his great, youthful vigour and energy, that may just happen someday.

Emma Mitchell
by Breege Smith

Emma Mitchell is an incredibly vibrant person who just oozes energy and vitality. She was eight months pregnant when her song ‘Sticks and Stones’ came about.

“I was sitting on the beech in Nairn looking at my husband surfing when the words for ‘Sticks and Stones’ came crashing into my head. I was amazed at how sudden and unexpected the whole process was –
a bit like life really”

Since then along with looking after her five year old son, Emma has penned more than twenty songs and she is currently recording her latest EP in Evanton along with Davie Munro.  When she is not recording or writing Emma teaches Yoga, Pilates, Buggie Movers, Spinning . . .  the list goes on.

Emma embraces new ideas, new concepts and new challenges. She is a key mover in the ‘Live-Mic’ sessions that are going from strength to strength in the Inverness area.

Emma, being Emma is not content to just organize the ‘Live-Mic’ sessions she wants to broadcast and podcast the performances. That’s why she joined the team on Radio goNORTH,  once she is equipped with the ‘know-how’ to set up an on-line Radio Station there will be no stopping her!

Emma believes in exercising and stretching the mind, the body and the imagination. She shares her zest for life with her husband David and her son Abraham. The Mitchell family resides in Connon Bridge.

Maria Hall
by Dan Smith

Maria Hall is the most enthusiastic worldwide renown Irish Wolfhound exhibitor anyone will ever meet.

From near Forres (maybe finally finding home after a number of moves across Scotland) her love for playing music and singing to it has allowed to her to travel across the globe and preform at festivals such as Wizard and Belladrum. Playing her favourite instrument guitar since she was 15 she now loves to play it live.

She is passionate about being eco friendly and still being a little bit of a hippy chick! She has done almost everything in almost every industry from working with a mobile shop to running her own Kennels & Cattery! Her experience from radio comes from a community radio that she used to do a show on. She decided to try and explore other professions for a while. But now after a few years is here now and ready to make her comeback!

Her previous radio show was made to try and give indie bands a big push and promote them. They even made a compilation album with all the indie bands on it! She aspired to be an art teacher originally but she has gone down many different paths she is glad she has taken, her talents and personality has allowed her to see the world and gain a world of experience. Maria is here at Radio goNorth to learn more about the technical side of radio and to learn some good content making skills! Make sure to tune into her goNorth show from Tuesday to Thursday during the festival!

Stuart Thain
by Aimee Hinds

Stu is a Dingwall dwelling naked skydiver who has a passion for travelling. He is a dedicated lover of the music scene and has been actively involved in music since the ripe old age of 12, where he began by helping out bands set up in local pubs and venues. During his band roady days, he built up working relationships with bands and now promotes and manages many.

It doesn’t stop there though, Stu also likes to play guitar, Piano and is dab hand at the spoons. When Stu isn’t promoting bands he likes to travel, as far as Australia where he lived among the Kangaroos, Crocs and Koala bears for a year. He has also stopped in Singapore and China.

If this wasn’t enough to fill his 28 years, he is also about to embark on the 2nd year of a Social work course at University. Although Music is his life and always will be. Stu is hoping to break into radio in order to Network and gain experience as well as cast his nets further afield to ensure he continues to build a career in the music industry.

It is clear Stu likes to look after people and bring out the best in them, as if he can’t help out bands then plan B is to care for vulnerable in the Social work industry. Combining the two is an option, but right now he is going with flow and grasping any opportunities that come his way.