Stu Thain

Radio goNORTH Archive 2012 Producers' Highlights Stu Thain

Hi I’m Stu and I want to write about my experiences in training for Radio goNORTH. As a manager and promoter of local bands I have a wide knowledge of music and I have done Sound Production in the past, around ten years ago, but have very little experience in radio.

We started the fortnight by meeting our colleagues for the duration of the next few weeks, then quickly got involved in learning the procedures involved in producing and presenting a radio broadcast.

The people I met on the course were brilliant, each person taught me a lot and this made the course all the more enjoyable. Our trainers, Richard, Al, Scott & Sean were amazing, you couldn’t have met a better group of people, both personally and professionally and the guests that came in to speak to us were highly informative and legends in the business.

I learnt so much, from editing to setting up the equipment for a live session to interviewing artists, and realise that I still have some skills to work on but what I have gained from this experience has been invaluable.

Doing the actual show was great, but very daunting, especially for the first time, but you do find yourself relaxing, sometimes a bit too much. All three of the people that I was paired up with were outstanding, very friendly and I learnt so much from them. Each had skills that I didn’t have which helped me.

The broadcasts were great fun and the atmosphere in the marquee was lovely. It was like a three-day garden party. The icing on the cake was having Jeff Zycinski, Vic Galloway, Jim Gellatly and John Collins in attendance, as well as the many guests. A massive thank you must be given to the BBC Scotland Headquarters in Inverness for allowing us to record our shows in their gardens, and the Ironworks for allowing us to do our training. Thank you to the trainers and trainees for making this experience one that I will have lasting fond memories of, I feel I have made many good friends. Finally a special mention to Amanda Millen and the rest of the goNORTH 2012 team for putting this project together.

Ultimately, when I came on this course I knew I would enjoy it, but all my expectations were far exceeded.