Radio goNORTH Archive 2013 Producers' Highlights Chloe Hogg

Radio goNORTH Archive 2013 Producers' Highlights Chloe Hogg

My name’s Chloe Hogg and I have been a trainee presenter and producer for the Radio goNORTH festival and really, I couldn’t recommend this any higher, its not only been the best fun I’ve ever had but an extremely enlightening experience and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting the most amazing musicians, directors and just beautiful people in general in every WAY! Seriously there’s not one negative thing I could even think of and If you had told me two weeks ago I could learn to script write, do a running order, edit and present a live radio show in two weeks I’ve have said,


My biggest highlight of the whole festival is, I don’t have one because every day has been a school day and this is the best school in the world because its not just learning about radio, you learn so much about yourself and how others are so important to your life and to happiness and your limits are the only the ones you set yourself.

I did my first Interview on Tuesday the fourth of June of the 2013 Radio goNORTH and one of the many pearls of wisdom that I took from my tutors, that I feel has been one of the best and I am now passing on to you and I hope will help you as it has helped me is the butterfly’s in your tummy and your heat pounding in your ears just before you do any show live its your body telling your alive there’s no such thing as nerves, just excitement and anticipation of the feeling when you walk off and you’ve nailed it no matter how many people are listening.

I never ever thought when I started my journey from South Uist in the Western Isles that I would be sitting here two weeks later writing this experience which has probably been one of the most amazing of my short life so far.

Yes I have missed my family back home but I go home with a whole new perspective on life and my family, so they tell me are very proud and I think that’s probably also one of the best things I take away from this experience. So to sum it all up for everyone, if you ever get the opportunity to do anything in life, never ever pass it up or give into the fear of failing because even if you didn’t enjoy something everything you do in life you learn from and as my amazing tutors have said failing is all part of succeeding.

These are the best days of our lives and the best memories made with true amazingly talented, beautiful, inspiring friends.