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Radio goNORTH Archive 2013 Producers' Highlights Freyja Harris

This year of Radio goNORTH has been amazing. The festival itself has grown, the word has spread and the crowds of people have been delightful. The atmosphere over the past two days has been buzzing. Looking around the crowds of people at the live gigs, and see music Producers who’ve come up for GoNORTH with massive grins on their faces partially demonstrates the success of goNORTH 2013.

I’ve loved being part of the team for the second year in a row. It is a brilliant experience and one I know I’m lucky to have had. The two weeks are full on, especially for those who have no experience, but I believe it is the best way to learn. It has a level of responsibility to it that makes the radio something to really care about and take seriously.

For the first week we were taught all we needed to know before going on air: recording, editing, script writing, brief writing, the various ways different stations are run, and interviewing skills. We also had some guest speakers come in such as Jeff Zycinski, the head of BBC Scotland. This was a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate our enthusiasm for the industry, and a good insight into how the BBC works.

For the second week we were split into pairs. I was teamed with Mark Thompson. It was great to work with Mark because he was really into presenting and very enthusiastic about all the local bands, and I really enjoy organising the shows, and making sure everything runs smoothly. The moment I am most proud of from the live broadcasting this year was producing one of our shows for Vic Galloway to present.

The show consisted of two live sessions by Little Fire and Max and the Fanatics and an interview with Van Morrison’s producer Mick Glossop. It was a real achievement because I managed to have everything organised well before the day. Unfortunately there were some slight technical hitches in the morning and it meant we lost 15 minutes of our hour show, however we dropped a couple of the tracks and everything ran smoothly – spirits remained high and the show was a success.

I would recommend the goNORTH festival to everyone in the Highland and Islands because there is so much going on and many interesting people from the creative industries.