Radio goNORTH Archive 2013 Producers' Highlights Paddy Fuller

Radio goNORTH Archive 2013 Producers' Highlights Paddy Fuller

Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Radio goNORTH and the goNORTH festival has been an unbelievable experience, one I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Being part of goNORTH means a lot of changes to your normal routines and lifestyle. What you would think of as a normal day is thrown out the window. The phrase work hard, play harder I think describes the goNORTH Festival down to a T. Life is a balance, if you’re doing more of something then you will do less of something else. We can’t help that. So for example when it comes to Radio goNORTH it’ll be less sleep, more editing, scripting and networking (networking is goNORTHish for partying). Sleep becomes a reward rather than a necessity, eating well that goes too. There are no longer five main food groups, there is just McDonalds and black coffee. There will be moments when you think your head will explode from stress, but worry not, your head will stay intact! It’s the most exciting course in Radio experience in Scotland. Hands down.

Day 1, second to arrive, a good start. So we got a brief on exactly what I was going to be doing the duration of Radio goNorth. We were told it would be intense. The trainers weren’t wrong! Day 2, we were told we would be making packages. I was feeling quite confident as I’ve made packages and features before. I wasn’t expecting the trainers to say you’ve got till 5pm make a package….go! A few days of brain storming about our shows went by. We were then teamed up with our Radio partner/presenter/producer, I was with the mental Islander, Miss Chloe Hogg.

To the shooooows! My first show was presented by myself, Chloe, and Stephen Mackay triple threat, the three amigos….and so on. It was difficult planning the first show as you can probably imagine, too many cooks and everything. After some blood, sweat, and tears the first show was done and over with. An aspect I loved throughout the who festival was the booking of bands for playing sessions! We had The Enemies, The Ok Social Club, Duncan Overmeer, Protection Patrol Pinkerton, Birdhead and loads more!

My highlight of the Festival has been meeting so many new people, hearing and seeing so many new bands and generally having a fantastic time. Thank you Radio goNORTH.