Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Emma Mitchell

Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Emma Mitchell

3 days of sunshine, cheers, warmth, tears, blood, sweat and smiling music, film and fashion experts graced the Radio goNORTH Stage at the Mercure Hotel in Inverness.  Emma Mitchell & Njal Heddle both originally from the Orkney Islands instantly bonded and worked tirelessly to create 3 Radio Shows covering every element of the Festival. Here is Emma’s Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday radio show highlights:

On Tuesday local folk rock Sunday Herald band competition winners Dorec-a-belle played a live session for us.  They humoured me with their lack of desire to talk fashion but they were quite happy to talk about their music and quite rightly so, these girls have their own style and don’t follow in anyone else’s footsteps.

Our best Pillow Talk interviewee was Head of Creative Industries main sponsor Iain Hamilton who was asked by Radio goNORTH film producer Ewen to answer as many quick fire questions in 1 minute as he could or say pass. He jumped in with both feet, gave us so many witty answers and said he really enjoyed the experience.

Iain Hamilton

The T-Break Stage is in for a wild rock set treat this year at T in the Park with Perthshire’s answer to Biffy Clyro, “We Came From Wolves” performing on that very stage. They went down so well at goNORTH Festival this year performing to a packed audience at Deenos Bar, Inverness and live on the Radio goNORTH.

Rock band T Rex & Bad Company’s lead guitarist Ross Mcewen stopped his hospital duties to attend an interview with myself to discuss ‘Is Music Safe in the music industry?’.   This was an amazing experience with somebody with an incredible wealth of knowledge about the industry.

I contacted Billy Boyd’s agent in London and was given his email address to ask if the band would be interested on appearing as the main live feature on our Radio goNORTH show. The band accepted and loved the idea of a Beecake picnic.

Emma live

On the day the bar in the Mercure Hotel where the radio station was being held for goNORTH Festival was the most packed it’s ever been. I bought props to set the scene for the Beecake Picnic and it looked really good on stage, the band were offered cakes to tie in with the bands name and photographers took a lot of pictures with the band performing behind the tea cups, cakes, flowers and colourful table cloth.

The band performed a great set of 2 planned and 1 unplanned song as we wanted the band to get everyone up on their feet for the end of the radio, one of the performances included a radio exclusive

Initially in the interview I thought Billy was going to be difficult as I know he doesn’t like interviews, but who does and after the first 2 questions he warmed to my questioning and I think he felt he could open up more as I flattered him with my knowledge of the band, it made for really good radio and lots of goNORTH Festival revellers stayed to listen to the end of the show, complimenting me on my presenting skills.

The Beecake Picnic was a fantastic upbeat end to 3 days of organising interviews, emailing, phoning, arranging live performances, researching festival bands, creating feature ideas, using running orders, presenting on the radio show, typing up scripts and how to polish the radio desk skills.