Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Gareth Waugh

Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Gareth Waugh

An amazing two weeks spent in Inverness training with Dabster Productions reached its peak during the 3 days we spent broadcasting in the Mercure Hotel.  Exhausting and totally satisfying is probably the best way to sum it all up.  After an intensive first week spent learning how to use all our equipment and creating short features for broadcast the workload doubled in the second week when we had to plan our shows, which included creating a script, booking guests for interviews and bands.  Picking highlights hasn’t been easy with so much going on.

Tuesday was our first day of broadcasting and myself and Danya McKenzie’s show was the first to go out for the entire radio GoNorth project so it’s safe to say we were both quite nervous.  Around 10 minutes into broadcasting Richard Melvin, our course leader, asked us to change the order of our show to put a band on earlier for the live audience who was watching on.  It was a challenege especially so early into the show but we made it work and kept going.  During that same show we had an Interview with Jeff Zycinski which you can hear a snippet of in the highlights clip below.  Live Music on this day came from two members of the band Lionel, which was my first taste of the music we could expect over the next 2 days.

Wednesday’s show should have been easier but individual problems occurred and made things difficult.  Before the show began I managed to get a hernia and had to present through the pain which greatly affected the show although we managed to get through it.  Guests were Scottish Games Network founder, Brian Baglow who was entertaining, likeable and overall a fantastic and unique guest.  The band foreignfox were out guests for this show and their performance of “Yogurt” was a stand out moment and incredibly emotional.

Thursday’s show was undoubtedly the best of the three.   It was the show which had the most guests, the most music and the most improvisation.  Our first guest of the day was Ally McCrae who provided us with some stories from his time as a radio presenter on BBC Radio 1 as well as some tips for people like ourselves looking to get a foothold in the industry.  Our live session came from the phenomenal talent that is Michael Cassidy.  That was followed by yet more guests in the shape of former skids front man turned filmmaker Richard Jobson and comedian Michael Redmond, famous from his role of Father Stone in the timeless sitcom Father Ted.  Our last live music session for the day turned up without instruments which required immediate improvisation to solve.  We ran around the lobby of the mercure and created a super band in the form of our earlier guest Michael Cassidy, Angus Munro and some of the members from the band The Youth and The Young who blew us away with their cover of Bruce Springstein’s hit “Dancing in the Dark”.  This for me was quintessential GoNorth and summed up what the festival was about, bringing people in the creative industries together.  The perfect end to my GoNorth experience.

I loved every single minute of this festival.  I met some incredible and talented people and was in awe of the whole thing.  I shall definitely be attending next year in some capacity or another.