Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Gavin Fort

Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Gavin Fort

Hi I’m Gavin and you are reading this. Coming up in this body of text we have a selection of my personal highlights from the last two weeks. Joining them will be a few of my own reflections and thoughts on my time as a radio trainee on I’ve had an absolutely fantastic time at goNORTH 2014. To think I nearly didn’t click send to submit my application! I can honestly say going on the course was one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent history.

The course has been very intensive but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,  The accompanying audio clip is a collection of highlights from the three live radio shows we did during the festival.  The shows themselves are a bit of blur due to a combination of nerves and adrenalin, I have better memories of sitting in the audience watching other people’s shows.

On our show though the musical highlight has to have been the live session with Angus Munro and Louie from Hector Bizerk. I won’t try and explain the magical atmosphere in the room or describe the music but have a listen to the audio and I hope you can get a sense of what occurred.  I conducted several interviews over the three days, which was one of the most daunting prospects of the whole experience.  In the accompanying audio you can hear excerpts from my interviews with Roddy Hart, Olaf Furniss & Allie Shaw and Mark Jones.

Gavin Fort live

The Olaf & Allie interview is a highlight because I had to start with only one guest whilst someone went to find the other. Supposedly I handled the situation quite well. There’s also a world exclusive sneak peek at Public Enemy’s radical new look! The Mark Jones interview is a highlight because of his unique character.  In the first week of the course we leant how to make packages, which are like short documentary programmes to slot into your show. I’m pretty happy with the way my package Networking or Not Working turned out.

At the start of the course I was looking for ways to get out of being in front of a mic. If you listen to my introductory package on the website, made on the first day of the course, you’ll hear that I got other people to read my script for me. The tutors obviously picked up on this and decided to make me the presenter for our show! Which definitely got me out of my comfort zone.  Off-air highlights include meeting loads of new people, quickly making friends and bonding with the team… which was probably a survival tactic due to the intense nature of the course. For me It’s a real strength of the course that it is open to people of all ages. The diversity of backgrounds and ages means one learns almost as much from other people as from the tutors. The course is a great confidence builder and you don’t just learn some technical skills but also about other people and maybe most importantly about yourself.

I leave the course as a very happy but exhausted individual with increased confidence in public speaking, a whole new skill set, loads of new friends and contacts, warm fuzzy memories and a couple of cans of complimentary Innes & Gunn Lager. Back of the net!