Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Marion MacGregor White

Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Marion MacGregor White

So here we are on radio GoNORTH the day after broadcasting live from the GoNORTH festival. What were my highlights? The celebrity drop ins? Definitely. And I mean drop ins, direct from the skies over Andalucia, the Isle of Lewis, Orkney, USA, London, Germany and not forgetting the big contingent this year from Scandinavia oh and of course from right here in Inverness and the Scottish Highlands. Which is what GoNorthFestival was set up to encourage.

“BROSNACHADH”. The great secret of the clans throughout the centuries. It’s a key word, it means “encouragement”; “team work”; “all working together for the same end”; “everybody equal” very much Radio GoNorth.

Wednesdays show was special for me because that’s when the celebrities arrived.  The musicians, the speakers, the delegates all arrived right into the live programme, there and then, in the moment.

Lets talk about the studio itself.  It was what made the shows because we were right at the centre of the action, our studio was without walls and that’s what made the real difference.  It has the essential interactive and visual element.

It was like we were out and about with a roving microphone except interviewee’s and musicians conveniently came to us.  Young, courageous and not to mention beautifully talented.

For example Charlotte Brimner, Miss Irene Rose, Siobhan Wilson, Eleanor Nicholson, Jamie from Broken and Cryptic Keys – I Loved talking to these incredible and talented artists.  And not just talking to but listening to their music as well.  To have them right there in front of you singing and playing away is something quite distinctively memorable.  Well done and thank you all.

The transparency of all our strengths and weaknesses has made this course for me.  I love the way that the production team have given us the opportunity to be told publicly what we are doing good and not so good so that we can learn important things on the spot. We’ve been in a safe place to have mini and even epic meltdowns.  But most importantly we’ve been given the freedom to be ourselves.

Oh and heres another producer instruction – “don’t over think it”

Bye and have a good listen