Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Njal Heddle

Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 Producers' Highlights Njal Heddle

The last two weeks have been an adventure. Over the course of these three shows I’ve worked on, I’ve endured copious amounts of stress and fear. And it’s been a blast.

First show: BOOM. The day before, it me like a ton of bricks. Things were last minute, things were unprepared, which really got to me, putting me on the edge of a breakdown. If I hadn’t had one years before I probably would have snapped. But fortunately, we succeeded.  On the day in question, I was producing with Emma presenting, and I felt quite capable yet nervous of sorting the tech out on my own. Oh what a fool I was, but fortunately I had the aid of my mentor Scott at the time, who kept me right. Evidently that didn’t stop me from providing only half a jingle and initiating some feedback during a live performance from Dorec-A-Belle. But, as they said, there was always room for improvement.

The second show I thought would have been easier, as I was presenting, but it was in fact more nerve racking. It’s a curious thing when you get stage fright on a format where the priority is to listen. This was the show in which I interviewed none other than my mother. And contrary to my fears, it went well, with her causing minimal embarrassment on my part, and it was of course nice to see a familiar face again. Especially one who was kind enough to pack me some peanut butter in case I got hungry.

And then came the third show. Now, unlike the common closer of a trilogy I consider this one to be the best, purely because it was the most organised and that we had an actual film star in the studio, in the form of Billy Boyd and his band Beecake. This was truly an experience for a film buff like myself, to have met an actual hobbit.

At this point I was back on the decks after my mixed experience presenting, And it was indeed the best experience broadcasting, as I had managed to hone my skills on the first show as well as practice before that. Before Beecake, we had interviewed We Came From Wolves who were the most professional band we had worked with yet, providing most of their own backup equipment and  getting ready in under six minutes.

Overall, the experience of radio production has been a thoroughly enjoyable, stressful, and outright fun one. Had I money and willpower I would do it again.