Radio goNORTH Archive 2014 The Producers How They Started

This is the trainee producers of 2014 at the beginning of their time at Radio goNORTH. Listen to their highlights and what they learned after the course.

Njal Heddle

My name is Njal Heddle, and I’m an outright lover of films. I watch them, review them, write them and on occasion make them. While unpublished, I can assure you that my written films are utter tosh.

I was attracted to the Radio goNORTH course as a means to gain experience and that it just looked rather interesting.

I enjoy a wide variety of films being open to many, if not all genres of the subject, which is very helpful given my obsession with spewing my opinion of them over the internet in a professional way.

If it’s not films it’s graphic novels, which I love so much I made a school presentation on it. As a lover of film, I’m always impressed by the way a comic panel may emulate a cinematic image, or engross me in the way a motion picture would. If I had the time or the money I would most likely review comic books as well.

I am quite a quiet fellow, and am eager to please those who would help me about my goal of becoming a film writer/director, which I am firmly single minded about, as one would guess from my scrutiny of these subjects.

You can read my film reviews here!

Emma Mitchell

Emma Mitchell, 30 years old, is a mother, fitness instructor, musician, song-writer, singing teacher, music promoter and Trainee Radio Producer. She lives in Conon Bridge just outside Inverness, if people were to describe her in one word they would say ‘impulsive’, ‘creative’ and ‘polymath’. Living in the Orkney islands as a child she felt detached from the mainstream music industry opportunities, but her parents were keen to record her speaking and singing on to a tape recorder, using a mirror to work on her expressions and pretend she was several characters on a TV Show to this day the tapes are still surviving.

Being a mum she is always juggling several elements of her life and people ask her “How do you do it?”, but she finds Yogalates & Antigravity Yoga has helped her to clear her mind and focus on less rather than more. Emma attended the Trainee Radio Producer course at goNORTH in 2012, since then she has worked as a volunteer for North Highland Radio, appeared on Moray Firth Radio, reported for BBC Radio Scotland. In 2013 she was offered the opportunity to work on a BBC Radio Scotland feature called ‘Who’s the mummy?’ where she had to record, organize and interview a working mum on her own using Marantz sound equipment.

She is now attending the Radio goNORTH Trainee Producer course 2014 where she hopes it will open doors to gaining a Radio Producer apprenticeship in the Highlands.

Lee Styles

This is all new to me but I’ll give it a shot, I’m from Banchory (Royal Deeside) I have left school and plan on attending Aberdeen college studying broadcast media. I decided to study media because my dad has a two hour slot on Monday night at Mearns FM at Stoneheaven for community radio and I have recently been going along with him and I help him him with behind scenes and after the first day I went along with him I wanted to be apart of production in media.

After my two weeks I hope to enhance my knowledge in radio with goNORTH as I find music one of my passions.

If I came into a zombie apocalypse situation my weapon of choice would be a baseball bat purely because one good swing would do the job, has having a team of 4 including myself the other three would be, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman,and Nicolas Cage.

Gavin Fort

Hi,  I’m Gavin, I guess I’m a ‘sound guy’ I’m interested in sound and just about make a living recording and editing sound. I work a lot with bands and musical acts recording and producing them, some of which I really enjoy and am proud of and some of the work has even won awards! I still buy music, mainly vinyl but also cds and I’ve done quite a bit of dj-ing in clubs, pubs and even a few festivals. I also like doing sound recording and sound design for film and have worked on several short films and one or two longer films. At home I listen to a quite a lot of radio, particularly Radio 4 as the speech based material is a refreshing antidote to music overexposure… and silence is definitely golden.

I’m at goNORTH as a radio trainee as this is one side of the sound industry I have very little professional experience of. I have hacked together my first bit of radio content which if I finish in time you’ll be able hear below. The ’arty’ idea behind the piece is that it hopefully reflects the complex nature of the individual and their personality. I’ve approached this first task of the trainee course more as a ‘sound work’ than a traditional interview as its day one of the course and I’m definitely more ‘sound guy’ than ‘radio personality’ at this point in time.

Chloe Anderson

My names Chloe, I am a twenty one year old music student from Glasgow. I am currently in Inverness at a Radio Production trainee placement as part of the goNORTH Festival! I can sum up the most important factors in my life in six words – family, Jonny (my boyfriend), Music, Disney, Gigs and Tomato Soup. Back home I like to think of myself as a promoter. I’m Oxjams Glasgow Takeover marketing manager for 2014, I work for DF Concerts and I occasionally organise my own freelance charity gigs. Discovering new music and artists is my passion. Although I work as a promoter now, my background in the music industry is being a producer and engineer. I’m a shower singer/ bedroom pianist and guitarist. I hate performing music live… I will even refuse to do karaoke. I like to think of myself as eclectic, I listen to all different genres of music however I think my favourite genre (right now) is Indie Rock. My favourite band of all time is Fleetwood Mac.

One conversation with me and you would notice that I say – “Hiya pal” “like” “pure” “heavy” and “mate” way too much! Some people will say its endearing but others will say that its soooo annoying! Its something I can’t stop myself from saying. I also tend to laugh A LOT. My friends say that I will laugh at anything that anybody says, even if it’s not a joke – again endearing or annoying!

I have never done radio before but I think this placement with Radio goNORTH will be a great experience. I’ve always thought radio would be fun thing to get involved in but I’ve never had an opportunity to ever get into it – until now. I listen to the radio all the time. I listen to radio one and am a very big fan of Ferne Cotton’s BBC Live Lounge. I also love listening to XFM Drive Time music (even though I don’t drive) I very much trust Jim Gellatly’s choice in music. I love the idea of spreading new music to an audience, sharing all my views on the latest artists and gigs. My position on the radio would help upcoming/unsigned acts promote their music.

Have a listen to my introduction interview as Gavin Fort puts me under pressure and fires quick questions at me!

Gareth Waugh

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane?”  What’s wrong with you?! It’s a man; seriously I hope you don’t drive? How are you getting those three mixed up?! I mean albeit its not a proper man but he literally looks nothing like a bird or a plane!

This is Gareth Waugh who was recently described by the Midlothian Advertiser as a “comedian”. A stand up, writer and podcaster from Edinburgh who hasn’t heard of you either, so there! In 2013 Gareth set up the Stand comedy clubs podcast “The Living Room Sessions” whilst studying radio at an HNC level at Edinburgh college.

Since leaving college he has appeared on radio shows that featured on BBC Radio Scotland (Comedy Café; Hardeep at the Stand) and Radio 4 (Jo Caulfield’s Speakeasy). He is looking forward to hands on learning (steady) and practical exercises at goNORTH with industry professionals and expanding on the things he learned studying at college.

Hoping for a career in radio Gareth is looking to combine his three favourite things into a viable career: Comedy, Radio and talking about himself in the 3rd person.

Listen below to hear about travelling as a comedian and Australian law enforcement.

Marion MacGregor White

Marion MacGregor White
So why am I here?
Hey listen! – I’m going to learn how to write comedy...
How to twist situations into  LISTEN–TO hooks...
How to count Fulmars – on Haskar by Uidhist
So why should you listen to me?
Well – you’ll just have to tune in and hear just why
I’ve already heard lots of interesting things
about Broadcasting! Such as – never use the word
“Broadcaster” – and even worse – “Associate Producer”
Expressions like “Gob – on – a – stick”
“Salty – old – sea – dog”...
And – I’m going to learn to put words into ether – that disappears – instantly!
But – most of all – I’m entering into dialogue with YOU – about
Of packages, textures &
Did you Know
Loving meeting potentials and professionals
Coming up to date with digi  demands
Look forward to YOU — MAKING A POINT – of being here
See you then!

Danya MacKenzie

I’m Danya... music blogger, enthusiast and aspiring radio producer. I’m 22 year old student, currently living and working in the scenic city of Edinburgh. Although I’ve some podcast and presenting experience I’m now looking to get to grips on what makes a radio station tick… Enter Radio goNORTH!

I began my University career as a law student, but quickly decided that my heart was in the creative industries. I’m now at Edinburgh Napier and about to complete my final year of English Literature and Film. So yes… I watch films as a degree. Jealous? You should be! I’ve been writing about music across Scotland for a few years now, freelancing for various websites and blogging when possible.

The start of this month saw me launch my own music site Munkie, which focuses on news, reviews and podcast interviews with some of Scotland’s best artists. Radio goNORTH is the first chance I’ve had to get real hands on experience with producing a radio station and I can’t wait to get started! What’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done?… Listen below to find out!

Calum Wells

I’m Calum Wells (just call me Wells), I’m from Benbecula in Uist, I am 18 years of age, I’m doing the goNORTH course and I’m already slightly loopy, so I think I have a head start. I have been interested in sound engineering and radio work for at least four years and I joined the course looking to find a way of turning my interest into a career.

I am an unrepentant computer geek, a huge fan of rock and heavy metal, I like long words, and I take a strange glee in subverting stereotypes. I have been doing volunteer work for ‘An Radio’ community radio station, for which I was the only volunteer for quite a while. I also have more than a passing interest in the outdoors, conservation and survival courses, in fact, I was on a survival course (tip, always boil the water) the weekend before starting on Radio goNORTH!

Although my general knowledge isn’t the best, I make up for it with a library of increasingly bizarre little pieces of information about this that and the other, including but not limited to random bits of science fiction trivia, freaky animals and what makes them freaky, and how to correctly gut a fish.