XpoNorth Live! 2016 Archive

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The Mentors

XpoNorth Live! is a two week production training course delivered by XpoNorth and partners, culminating in three days of studio broadcasting from the festival. You can listen to interviews, chat, acoustic sessions from showcasing artists; watch the recordings and enjoy the live performances.


Here are the Mentors from the XpoNorth Live! Team in 2016:


Matthew Cowan

Matthew Cowan, Creative Director, Production Attic

Matthew is Creative Director of Production Attic, producing corporate videos by day and short films by night ...or whenever he finds the time.

My role at XpoNorth Live was Edit Producer. At Production Attic we are often doing a lot with a small crew to a tight budget. It was great to have the chance to work with such a large amount of people who were using the best kit for the job.


Alan de Pellette

Alan de Pellette, Director/Producer

I have been a director in TV and film for 20 years, working mainly in scripted production across comedy and drama.  Many of my early programmes were either recorded in front of an audience or transmitted live so it was great to be involved in a full on live production again and everything that goes with it!  I really enjoyed directing XpoNorth Live! 2016 and working with a great team of talented professionals and ambitious hard working trainees. I always believe in training behind combined with learning on the job and I think XpoNorth Live! offers a great chance for everyone to do a high profile project under a lot of pressure with a need to learn fast and deliver to deadlines.  On the whole, I think we succeeded in producing a a huge amount of content which looked great and encapsulated the energy, excitement and quality of the festival.


Judith Mackay

Judith Mackay, Producer, Director and Series Editor

Judith Mackay has over twenty years experience in broadcasting as Producer, Director and Series Editor making documentaries, chat shows and live news at the BBC and in Independent Production. In the line of broadcasting duty she has she has jumped naked into a lake in Finland in December, argued with Janet Street-Porter in a potato field during a rain-soaked shoot and discovered that drunk people make bad telly guests.


Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy, Video Editor, Production Attic

Matt (“Murphy”) was allocated as the Video Editor for the XpoNorth Conference. He completed a BSc (Hons) in Audio Engineering & Media Production and then went on to pursue a carrier as an AV Technician, Sound Recordist, Editor and Camera Operator. He operated as a Freelancer in the Broadcasting and Media industry for 4 years in and around the Glasgow area and he now works as one of Production Attic’s full-time Video Producers. His previous work ranges from Media Ingest, venue rigging, operating sound and lighting rigs for live stage events, post-production in video and music and he currently films and produces high-quality content for Production Attic.


Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray, Director of Photography

Andrew started at the BBC TV film unit based at the famous Ealing Film Studios. It was a great place to learn his craft and he has worked on everything from Drama to Music Videos and Documentaries to Corporate Videos. As a freelancer he has worked for all the major broadcasters and many of the large production companies. He enjoys working with young aspiring actors and has helped them get ‘on camera’ experience whilst directing, filming and editing short films with them. He enjoyed the challenge of this year’s XpoNorth Live! Pop-Up TV Studio at Eden Court and working with the trainee camera operators.

It was my first year at XpoNorth and it was hard work but great fun! The challenge was to set up a Pop-Up Tv Studio, film lots of musicians and also interview some fascinating people. All this with a group of trainee camera operators I had never met until our first day. Filming ‘live’ music is for me, always fun and very rewarding but it must have been very daunting for our trainees. I’m happy to say they all stepped up to the challenge and got us some great footage. They worked hard and I could see their confidence behind the camera grow as the week progressed.

All trainees come with different abilities and understanding of Camera Operating. The task was to get them to work together and appreciate the ‘art’ of camera operating. Composition is very important and is not easy to grasp whilst filming live bands in the heat of a studio environment which you’ve never done before! You get mixed results but that is what the learning experience is about. The trainees coped well under the pressure and it was ‘full on’ all day. They worked hard and I could see their confidence behind the camera grow as the week progressed, the results speak for themselves.


Siobhan Synnot

Siobhan Synnot, Journalist and Broadcaster

Outlets Siobhan writes for include BBC, ITV, BAFTA, with articles and columns published by the Scottish Daily Mail, Scotsman publications, Sunday Times, The Guardian, Trinity Mirror Group, Independent, Herald, Woman, and The Herald Sun, amongst others. She has also served on film juries, including BAFTA, Deauville, and Edinburgh, chaired Q&As, produced award-winning radio, and run workshops.